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The Washington County Jail, 101 Westview Avenue, Marietta, OH

The Washington County Jail is located at 101 Westview Avenue, Marietta, OH, off of Gilman Avenue.

Construction of the Washington County Jail was completed and began accepting inmates on 09 July 2004.

The jail can house 124 inmates within 62 cells.


FROM NORTH Take I-77 south to Ohio exit 6. Turn right onto State Route 821 and follow for approximately 2 miles to State Route 60. Turn left at the light onto State Route 60 south, towards Marietta. Stay on State Route 60 south to the 4th light (Washington Street). Turn right on Washington Street (State Route 7 south) and cross the bridge. Take an immediate right at the end of the bridge. Turn left onto Gilman Avenue. Westview Avenue will be on the left. Turn left, cross railroad tracks, the facility is on the left.

FROM SOUTH Take I-77 north to Ohio exit 1. Bear right onto State Route 7 south. Stay on State Route 7 south (Pike Street/Greene Street) to 7th light & turn right onto Third Street. Stay on Third Street to Washington Street (4th light) & turn left, proceeding to cross the bridge. Take an immediate right at the end of the bridge. Turn left onto Gilman Avenue.  Westview Avenue will be on the left.  Turn left, cross railroad tracks, the facility is on the left.

FROM SR 7 NORTH Directions from State Route 7 north, e.g. New Matamoras, New Martinsville, Saint Marys, are the same once State Route 7 meets I-77.

FROM WEST Take State Route 7 north towards Marietta. Immediately after crossing railroad tracks, exit State Route 7 to the right (before crossing bridge) to Gilman Avenue then turn left onto Gilman Avenue. Westview Avenue will be on the left. Turn left, cross railroad tracks, the facility is on the left.

Jail Facilities

Corrections Officers work in the jail taking care of the inmates. C/Os are required to have 24-hours of continuing education each year, in areas of self-defense, fire training, CPR, and jail training.

The inmates are fed three meals a day and have access to medical care and mental health counseling if needed.

Control Room
The control room officer monitors security cameras mounted both inside and outside the jail. The control room officer can easily lock and unlock doors by seeing who needs to get in and out of the rooms. By using this technology, inmates are unable to escape, allowing only the officers in and out of the rooms.

The jail has eight separate housing areas comprising dorms containing 124 beds.
Inmates may walk around their dorm freely between 5:30 am and 10:30 pm, at which time the inmates are required to be in their bed unless traveling to and from the restroom.

Holding Cell
The four holding cells are used to keep intoxicated inmates away from the other inmates until they are sober. At that time, they are moved into a dorm.

Lockdown Cells
The twelve lockdown cells are used primarily for problem inmates or for inmates receiving disciplinary action.

Video Arraignment
For a Marietta Municipal Court case hearing, the accused are placed in a room that is linked by video and audio to the court. 

Laundry Room
Inmates are able to wash and dry their clothes using facilities within the jail.

All of the food is prepared by hand in the kitchen by the cooks. The inmates are fed three meals a day.

Inmate Information


The Washington County Jail recognizes the significance of visitation and the opportunity to maintain contact with family and friends while upholding facility safety and security. Visitation with inmates incarcerated at the Washington County Jail is non-contact using video monitors in completing a Video Visitation. Visitors are responsible for following the Video Visitation policy and regulations of the Washington County Jail.

Video Visitation Rules

Schedule a Visit

All Video Visitation visits are by appointment only.

Scheduling is done by the visitor either in the lobby of the Washington County Jail or through the internet by following this link.

Attorney Visits

Attorneys or court officials may visit at any reasonable hour, excluding meal time (7 – 8:30 a.m., 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., and 4 – 6 p.m.). Ordained ministers may have special visits by contacting the Jail Administrator. All other visits will be made at scheduled times. All visitors must present proper identification.

No visitor under the age of 18 years old is permitted unless accompanied by their parent or guardian or is your lawful spouse.


Additional Information

Use of profanity and/or damage to visitation phones will result in the loss of visitation. No smoking is allowed during visitation (this applies to both inmates and visitors). Inmates will be allowed one visit per week. There is a limit of two visitors per visit.

NOTE: Visitors are subject to search before each visit.

ATTENTION VISITORS: Anyone who attempts or conspires to attempt to smuggle contraband into the jail will be prosecuted.


Inmate Property

Property Drop-Off

Money can be left using the kiosk in the lobby at the Washington County Jail, using cash or credit/debit; by phone 1-866-345-1884, using credit/debit; online at accesscorrections.com using credit/debit.

Prescription medication can be dropped off 24 hours a day and is subject to review.

Eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.

Other items which inmates are permitted to have are either provided or are available for purchase through commissary privileges.

Property that may be declined:

  • Clothing – unless prior approval from a shift supervisor, or during a jury trial, for court.
  • Narcotics and/or sleep aids

Inmate Mail

All inmate correspondence will be sent to a third-party vendor to be scanned into the inmate tablet system by Telemate.  Only legal correspondence will be accepted directly mailed to the jail.

Mail should be addressed as follows:

Washington County Jail, Ohio

Inmate Name, Booking Number

PO Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

The inmate’s “Booking Number” can be found by using this link to “Current Inmates” search, which also available at the top of the page. Mail not properly address will be returned to the sender.

After mail has been scanned and sent to the facility for approval, mail may still be returned. Letters or pictures will be denied and returned to the sender if the following can be viewed in the picture or enclosed in the letter:

  • Photos showing nudity, lingerie, bathing suits, alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, drug use, gang affiliation (signs), violations of local or state laws;
  • Money, money orders, checks, or currency of any kind;
  • Magazines, internet printouts, newspapers and newspaper clippings; coloring pages.
  • Screenshots
  • Information pertaining to the inmate’s legal situation or other inmate’s legal situation.

Inmates will no longer receive physical mail, this includes photos and greeting cards, with exception of legal paperwork from courts or attorneys. All mail and photos will be on the GTL tablets.

Inmates are not allowed to send mail to or receive mail from other inmates housed at the WCJ (Minor Violation).

Inmates are not permitted to receive mail from inmates housed at other correctional and/or treatment facilities. These letters will be returned to sender.

Prison Rape Elimination

The Washington County Jail has established a “Zero Tolerance” for inmate sexual assault/abuse and will make every effort to provide all inmates with a safe, humane and secure environment, free from the threat of sexual assault/abuse and staff sexual misconduct/harassment.

Incidents or suspicions of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment and Retaliation can be reported to ANY STAFF MEMBER verbally or in writing.

Inmates shall be given the opportunity to remain anonymous upon request to the outside agency. There will be NO retaliation for reporting incidents of sexual abuse or harassment.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office 740-376-7070, ext. 0

Washington County Victim Assistance 740-373-0043 (no cost to call), or by writing a letter to the Washington County Victim Services, 205 Putnam Street, Marietta, OH 45750.

Family and friends can report allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and retaliation on behalf of an inmate by calling 740-376-7070, ext. 0; by e-mailing info@wcso84.us; or by writing a letter to the Washington County Victim Services at 205 Putnam Street, Marietta, OH 45750.

In compliance with Section 115.89 of the PREA Standards, the Washington County Jail will make all aggregated sexual abuse data readily available to the public at least annually.

Inmate Rules of Conduct Handbook

PREA Policy

2020 Survey of Sexual Victimization

2020 Annual Sexual Victimization Report

2018 Survey of Sexual Victimization

2018 Annual Sexual Victimization Report

2017 Survey of Sexual Victimization

2016 Survey of Sexual Victimization

2016 PREA Final Audit Report

2015 Annual Sexual Victimization Report

Overhead photos of the jail grounds in October, 2022, by Reserve Deputy Davis Powers.