Local Scam Relating to FBI and SSA

A local resident reported that his wife received a phone call from a male claiming to be with the Social Security Administration out of Texas.  The male subject supplied her with a number for the

SCAM: Phishers pretending​ to ​be from Apple

Phishing is an attempt to steal sensitive information like passwords and banking details. A common phishing scam involves the victim receiving an email stating that your Apple ID was used to sign into iCloud. The


The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has received information regarding a Virtual Kidnapping Scam. Follow the link to read the information the FBI has published about this scam. https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/virtual-kidnapping

‘Publishers Clearing House’ SCAM

There is another scam in Washington County involving fake ‘Publishers Clearing House’ phone calls. The scammer will convince the victim to send money in multiple ways including Amazon gift cards and writing checks. The scammers

FACEBOOK “sheriff larry” SCAM

A Facebook account under the name “sheriff larry” has been messaging people advertising an assistance program. This is not Sheriff Mincks! This is a scam! The message states, “This is a program specifically placed for

Air Purifier/Gift Card SCAM

There have been reports in Washington County of a blue Chrysler van going around to houses and asking homeowners to look at an air purifier. In exchange, they will offer a gift card. If you


The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is aware of a new scam in the area involving the Washington County Jail. The only known number involved in the scam is 850-260-0057. The scam will first ask the caller

Community College Scam

Please be advised of a new scam that has been brought to our attention at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Several individuals have reported an email they have received supposedly from Washington State Community College.

Money Grant Telephone Scam

There is another telephone scam in Washington County where scammers are calling from the number 646-813-7886. The caller ID shows New York. The scammers state that you have earned a grant from the ASSA and the

SCAM Involving WCSO’s Non-Emergency Line

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line, 740-376-7070, is being used by a scammer to target residents of Washington County. The caller identifies himself as someone from the Sheriff’s Office. The most recent caller identified himself

Telephone Scam

There is another telephone scam in Washington County where scammers are calling from the number 1-786-216-9951. The caller ID shows Miami, Florida. The scammers claim there are serious allegations against you and you must call

Money Scam

Scammers call telling you that you have won money through Publishers Clearing House. Scammers claim you have won so much money every month and ask that you give a certain percentage to charity. They give

IRS Scam in Washington County

Residents are still receiving calls from scammers who claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These scammers inform the caller they owe money immediately and must pay using iTunes gift cards, a wire

Facebook and Other Social Media Scams

Beware of Facebook/social media scams on the internet! Scammers will create a Facebook account pretending to be someone you know. These scammers will acquire information from your Facebook account and your friends’ Facebook accounts. They