News 29 Aug 2023

25 Aug 2023 a deputy observed a donkey in the middle of State Route 26, Ludlow Township.  The owners were attempting to get the donkey back in the fence.

25 Aug 2023 a deputy met with subjects at a medical facility who had passed him with caution lights on at a high rate of speed.  Subject in the vehicle had been cut and was going for medical treatment.  Advised of proper procedure.

25 Aug 2023 a deputy responded to Barlow Township to an alarm.  All buildings were found to be secured.

25 Aug 2023 a deputy met with a Belpre resident in reference to a trustee wanting junk vehicles from the right of way. 

25 Aug 2023 a deputy observed a vehicle unoccupied.  A check revealed the vehicle had broken down.  The vehicle is being towed.

25 Aug 2023 a deputy responded to Wesley Township and aided a subject walking in the area. 

25 Aug 2023 a deputy met with a Wesley Township resident regarding a neighborhood dispute.

25 Aug 2023 deputies assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Warren Township with a search.

25 Aug 2023 deputies were attempting to serve warrants in Marietta Township. Deputies located a vehicle reported stolen from the City of Marietta.  The vehicle was towed.

25 Aug 2023 Sgt,. Painter was patrolling Belpre Township when he observed a passenger vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.  A traffic stop was conducted and the speed verified at 90 mph in a 60 mph zone.  A citation was issued to Tristan M Bernard, 710 Ruth Avenue, SW, North Canton, OH, for speed.

25 Aug 2023 Deputy Davis recovered suspected drugs from a business in Adams Township.

26 Aug 2023 Deputy Davis recovered fake currency from a business in Adams Township.

26 Aug 2023 Sgt., Painter was patrolling the 17000 block of State Route 7, Warren Township.  A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle for a speed violation.  The passenger was identified as Charles Adkins III.   While speaking with Adkins and the driver, Adkins was observed fidgeting with items in his left short pocket. Before Sgt. Painter could ask him what he was doing, Adkins removed an item from his pocket and attempted to conceal the item, placing it in the glove box. When confronted about his actions and asked what else he had in his pockets, Adkins produced a hypodermic needle.   Sgt. Painter became aware that an active warrant for Adkins out of Gallia County was for a fentanyl possession charge.  A search of the vehicle yielded multiple paraphernalia items to include a glass pipe.  Charles B. Adkins III, age 32, 389 Thaxton Road, Gallipolis, OH, was transported to the Washington County Jail, charged with possessing drug abuse instruments, and for the outstanding arrest warrant.

26 Aug 2023 Deputy Huffer, while traveling in the 400 block of Third Street,  Pioneer Township, observed a red colored pickup truck turning onto Third Street from Scammel Street, coming close to striking a vehicle. The truck then briefly pulled off the roadway to let cars pass. As Deputy Huffer drove by the truck it was noted that there was no visible registration.  While Deputy Huffer was attempting to conduct a traffic stop, the vehicle pulled back onto Third Street, almost causing another accident.  A traffic stop was initiated and the driver identified himself as Terry Fox Jr.  Fox advised he did not have a valid license as he just recently got released from prison, which was confirmed.  A citation for driving under suspension was issued to Terry B Fox Jr., 317 Walnut Street, Belpre, OH.

26 Aug 2023 Sgt. Painter was patrolling Dunham Township when he observed a vehicle with a busted windshield, which caused an obstruction to the driver.  A traffic stop was conducted and the driver identified as William Crothers, III.  Crothers was asked for his license, which he stated he did not have one, which was confirmed.  When asked to provide a title to the vehicle due to the registration being suspicious, Crothers approached the passenger side and when opening the door a glass smoking device, consistent with methamphetamine use, was observed on the floor.  A search of the vehicle revealed a small plastic bag with crystal like substance consistent with methamphetamine, later weighing 15.03 grams, along with a foil package of fentanyl.  William Earl Crothers, III, age 44, 1616 Pearcy Avenue, Parkersburg, WV, was placed under arrest, charged with possession of drugs.

26 Aug 2023 Deputy Windland responded to Belpre Township along with the Little Hocking VFD Squad to a report of a deceased individual.

There are currently 23 women and 90 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.