News 27 Jul 2023

22 Jul 2023  

Traffic stops which resulted in warnings were conducted in Pioneer Township: registration and maintaining lane of travel, stop bar, speed, turn signal; Blennerhassett Township: turn signal; Warren Township: equipment; Barlow Township: speed.  

Deputy Harlow responded to a suspicious vehicle at the Archers Fork Trail.  No criminal activity was observed, subjects were advised to move along.  

Deputy Wallace responded to a 911 hang up call.  After travelling to Salem Township and back to Warren Township it was confirmed as accidental.  

Deputy Thornberry responded to a littering/dumping complaint in Watertown Township.   

Deputy Thornberry and Deputy Derkin responded to Muskingum Township to a report of a dog chasing a subject onto his property.  The dog was eventually restrained.  

Deputy Peters was dispatched to Marietta Township to a report of a possible glass pipe.  The item was found to have no evidentiary value and was just a piece of broken glass.   Dispatch received a 911 call from the Blennerhassett Township area.  Belpre PD was advised.   

Deputy Thornberry responded to Warren Township in reference to trash blowing from the neighboring property.  A business card was left at the residence.   

Dispatch received a 911 call from the Colegate Drive, Pioneer Township area.  Marietta PD was advised.   

Deputy Derkin conducted a funeral escort in Marietta Township.  

Deputy Wallace responded to Ludlow Township to a possible trespassing.  

Deputy Eichhorn responded to Waterford Township to a suspicious vehicle.  The subject was gone upon arrival.  

23 Jul 2023  

Traffic stops which resulted in warnings were conducted in Pioneer Township: failure to maintain lane of travel, stop bar, turn signal, equipment, improper lane change, stopping on roadway, stop bar, and license plate display. Marietta Township: marked lanes, lanes of travel and obstructed view. Belpre Township: speed, failure to maintain lane of travel and equipment.

Lt. Brown responded to an alarm call in Muskingum Township.  No criminal activity detected.   Deputy Schwendeman assisted the Marshall County, WV, Sheriff’s Office.  

Deputy Derkin and Sgt. McConnell responded to a 911 hang up.  A child could be heard on the phone, and the phone eventually traced to Fairfield Township and was confirmed accidental.  

Deputies along with the Little Hocking VFD were called to a burning complaint on Beach Drive. 

Deputy Schwendeman responded to an alarm call in Grandview Township.  No criminal activity detected.  

24 Jul 2023  

Deputy Harlow and K9 Brody assisted the Marietta Police Department with a search.   

Deputy Tucker was on patrol on State Route 7, Warren Township, when he observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. Speed was confirmed at 87 mph in a posted 60 mph zone.  Hunter Lee Wood, 811 Pearl Street, Middleport, OH, was issued a citation for speed.  

25 Jul 2023  

Sgt. Painter was on patrol in Pioneer Township.  A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle with OH registration for driving violations.  The driver, Ricky Wise, was identified along with a passenger.  An odor of raw marijuana was emitting from the vehicle.  When asked about the odor and anything illegal in the vehicle, Wise stated no.  Both occupants stepped from the vehicle and the smell of marijuana was still detected.  Wise stated he had marijuana in the vehicle.  A search yielded 11.90 grams of marijuana.  Another baggie was located containing a crystal rock like substance, consistent with methamphetamine, weighing 1.74 grams.  Information was found that Wise had an active warrant out of Gallia County, Ohio.  Ricky E Wise, age 55, 610 Barefoot Follow Road, Middleport, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of drugs, 2 counts, along with the outstanding warrant.  Wise was transported to the Washington County Jail.  

Sgt. Farrell filed charges for failure to provide a change of address on James Keith Treadway, age 49, a current inmate at the Washington County Jail.  The charges stem from a sex offender registration where Treadway had not reported his change of address to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office as required by law.   

Deputy Harlow and Deputy Davis responded to State Route 60 and Arends Ridge Road, Muskingum Township.  A welfare check was being conducted on a subject inside a locked vehicle.  Deputies were able to gain entry to the vehicle and the Devola Squad was dispatched to assist at the scene.  

Deputy Ullom and Sgt. Parks were dispatched to Braun Road, Belpre Township to a custody dispute.  Two subjects were in a dispute over a child, in which the one subject had paperwork out of Wood County, WV.  The subject was explained the facts and advised to cease and desist and to not return to the residence.  Hours later on 26 Jul 2023 another call was received from this same location, stating her child was kidnapped and that she, Tonda Montgomery, was parked outside the residence.  Lt. Johnson and Deputy Ullom responded and spoke with Montgomery.  Montgomery was asked why she was back at the residence when told not to return.  Montgomery stated she was there to get the child.  Tonda Kay Montgomery, age 30, 1311 Andrew Street, Parkersburg, WV, was placed under arrest, at which time she continued to yell and curse through the process.  Montgomery was transported to the Washington County Jail where she was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.  

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail between 24 Jul and 25 Jul 2023:  

Christina Renee Garland, age 57, homeless, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, a felony.  

Steven Harold Poole, age 38, Belpre, OH, domestic violence and aggravated menacing, both misdemeanors.  

Ricky Eugene Wise, age 55, Middleport, OH, possession of drugs, 1 count misdemeanor and 1 count felony, and failure to send a child to school (warrant).  

Jamie Richard Hampton, age 30, homeless, parole violation, a felony.  

Thomas Joseph Lauric, age 40, Waverly, WV, probation violation, 3 counts, all felonies.  

Shawn Trenton Richards, age 26, Waterford, OH, aggravated possession of drugs, a felony.  

William Paul Fluharty, age 30, Parkersburg, WV, theft, a felony.  

There are currently 23 women and 91 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.