News 13 Jul 2023

24 Jun 2023 Deputy Eichhorn observed a sedan bearing WV registration traveling on Sandhill Road, Marietta Township, with a busted windshield. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was found to be Brianna Bland.  A strong odor of marijuana was emitting from the vehicle as well as what appeared to be a marijuana joint on the floorboard.  The driver and passenger, Kayla Bland, were asked to exit the vehicle.  A search was conducted and located was a clear baggie containing .83 grams of a white powdery substance, consistent with heroin.  Brianna stated it was her baggie, however denied it was a controlled substance.  Brianna was placed under arrest at that time and advised Deputy Eichhorn that she had drugs in her groin area, which she retrieved.  The rolled up foil was found to contain 12.97 grams of a white crystalline substance, which Brianna advised was “meth”.   Also located was a glass smoking device, found in the vicinity of the front passenger seat where Kayla was seated.  Brianna M. Bland, age 28, 2305 Sandhill Road, Apt. 3, Marietta, OH, was charged with 2 counts of possession of drugs and Kayla Christine Bland, age 36,  2305 Sandhill Road, Apt. 3, Marietta, OH, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  Both Kayla and Brianna were transported to the Washington County Jail.

25 Jun 2023 Deputy Thornberry responded to 66 Arrowhead Drive to the BP in Belpre Township.  It was reported that a subject was riding his motorcycle on 24 Jun with friends when his bike broke down.   He stated he left the bike there and removed the battery and key. Upon returning on 25 Jun the motorcycle, a 2004 Kawasaki, was missing.

25 Jun 2023 while patrolling Market Street, Pioneer Township, Deputy Peters observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation.  A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle and contact was made with the driver, Evette Miller, and passenger, Anna Jones.  When asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, both Miller and Jones stated no.  Deputy Peters deployed K9 Timmy and conducted a free air sniff around the vehicle.  K9 Timmy indicated on the passenger door.  A search of the vehicle yielded 0.39 grams of suspected methamphetamine located in Miller’s purse. As Jones was removing items from her pocket, 0.26 grams of suspected methamphetamine fell from her pocket onto the ground.  Anna Denise Jones, age 58, 118 Harmar Street, Marietta, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of drugs.  Evette Meshelle Miller, age 45, 1308 Williamson Avenue, New Matamoras, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of drugs.  Both Jones and Miller were transported to the Washington County Jail.  Once at the County Jail, Jones was found to have 0.42 grams of suspected methamphetamine found on her person inside the jail.

25 Jun 2023 Deputy Eichhorn observed a silver Dodge Charger bearing FL registration traveling southbound around the 3MM of I77, Marietta Township.  Numerous traffic violations were observed and a traffic stop was initiated.  The driver, Linsey D. Beaumont, 601 Patton Blvd., Plano, TX, stated she did not have a valid driver’s license, which was confirmed, suspended through Kentucky.  Beaumont was issued a citation for driving under suspension. 

25 Jun 2023, while patrolling River Road at Devols Dam Road, Muskingum Township, Deputy Wallace observed a red sedan continue driving through a stop sign.  A traffic stop was conducted and the driver, Cassidy Courtney, 3686 State Route 60, Marietta, OH, was issued a citation for failing to stop at a stop sign. 

26 Jun 2023 at 0353 hours Deputy Wallace was dispatched to the area of 5th Street, Adams Township, to a report of a male subject on a front porch kicking the door and screaming.  While en route dispatch received another call that the male was screaming from the middle of the roadway, which could be heard by the dispatcher.  Deputies located Joshua Lee Theiss outside a residence.  Theiss was found to be extremely intoxicated and causing public inconvenience.  Joshua Lee Theiss, age 31, 314 5th Street, Lowell, OH, was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct.  A PBT was administered with the results being .202. 

26 Jun 2023 Sgt. Painter responded to 2301 State Route 555, Wesley Township, Dollar General, to a theft of merchandise.  Video footage revealed two individuals, known by store personnel, stealing from the self-checkout.  Cynthia Davis and Allen Surry were observed placing items into a bag and back into the cart without scanning them, as well as intermittently scanning items.  The items scanned and paid for were valued at $20.50, and the items identified as not being paid for were $89.47 in value.  A summons is being requested for Allen Edward Sully, age 62, and Cynthia Anne Davis, age 48, 150 Dixon Road, Cutler, OH, through Marietta Municipal Court on a charge of theft