News 11 Jul 2023

20 Jun 2023 Deputy Thornberry was dispatched to Barlow Township, Dollar General, State Route 550 in reference to a theft of groceries totaling over $150.00.

20 Jun 2023 Lt. Brown, along with other deputies, were dispatched to 28640 State Route 7, Marietta Township, ito a report that David Matthew Loftus, had ran into the woods, believed to be avoiding transportation to a facility.  Numerous neighbors had observed Loftus on their property.  A K9 was utilized to track Loftus to a very dense tree line bordering the property where he was located.  The Reno VFD squad was dispatched to the area for medical treatment.  Loftus advised deputies he was going to take enough methamphetamine that could kill someone until a friend stopped him.  Loftus, age 33, 923 Delia Avenue, Akron, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct. 

21 Jun 2023 Deputy Windland responded to 1495 Burnett Road, Fairfield Township, to a report of McKenzie Cowman breaking things, throwing stuff at her mother and lighting a mattress on fire.  Cowman had struck her mother in the left arm, and threatened to kill her. Cowman had come home, laid down for a second and approached her mother, stating, “I’m only going to tell you one more time, if you don’t get away from him, you’re going down.”  Deputy Windland met with Cowman, who was acting sporadically and not making sense.  McKenzie Ann Cowman, age 30, was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail charged with domestic violence.

21 Jun 2023 Deputy Peters spoke with an Adams Township resident, living out of state at this time.  The subject wished to report a stolen Ford Edge, that occurred around the 26th of May. 

21 Jun 2023 Deputy Painter was dispatched to MIE, Warren Township, to a report that a former employee had stolen items.  MIE was in possession of video showing Charles Burton entering the business and stealing parts and product from the business.  Burton had been let go from the business on 8 Jun and had no reason to be at the business.  Investigation revealed that Burton had entered the business on the 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th of June, after business hours.  It was determined that Burton had cut parts off of engines and removed bulk oil from the business.  A total at that time was listed at approximately $4500.00.  A warrant was requested for Charles J. Burton, age 40, 804 Hocking Road, Belpre, OH, on a charge of breaking and entering (4 counts) and theft (3 counts).   23 Jun 2023 Burton was arrested on the warrant and processed into the Washington County Jail.  5 Jul 2023 deputies responded to the Hocking Road residence to serve a search warrant at that location.  A bucket of oil (un-altered) was previously observed at the residence while Deputy Painter was looking for Burton.  On this date the bucket had been painted to conceal the identity, however Burton denied the bucket was stolen or that he had tried to conceal it.  Burton was placed under arrest and charged with tampering with evidence.  Burton was processed at the Washington County Jail.

21 Jun 2023 Deputy Harlow responded to Salster Road, Warren Township, to a domestic violence incident.  It was determined that Charity Dye had confronted a resident of the home, scratching him using her fingernails, throwing cooked food and water at him.  Deputies met with Charity Rebecca Dye, age 51, and she was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence.  Dye was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

22 Jun 2023 Sgt. Parks was dispatched to Beach Drive and Ohio Avenue, Belpre Township in reference to an accident at that location by a subject possibly impaired.  Sgt. Parks assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol in the investigation.

23 Jun 2023 Deputy Eichhorn observed a small sedan traveling north on State Route 60, Muskingum Township, with a busted front windshield.  The vehicle was observed committing numerous violations.  A traffic stop was conducted and contact was made with the occupants.  While speaking with all passengers, Kenneth Bailey, who was seated on the back passenger side, gave consent along with the other passengers to search the vehicle. A black wallet was located beside Bailey, who stated it was his. When asked if it was okay to search the wallet, Bailey confirmed that it was okay. Inside the wallet was a clear plastic baggie containing 7.91 grams of a white crystalline substance, consistent with methamphetamines. As the item was retrieved from the wallet, Bailey stated he forgot it was in there and stated that it was his meth.  Kenneth Earl Bailey, age 59, homeless, was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail for possession of drugs.

24 Jun 2023 Deputy Schwendeman began an investigation into telecommunications harassment.