News 30 Jun 2023

14 Jun 2023 Lt. Gherke responded to Marietta Township to check on a vehicle believed to be stolen out of West Virginia.

14 Jun 2023 Deputy Derkin responded to the Barlow Par Mar, Barlow Township, to a report of Tabitha Cain entering the store and leaving with a four pack of batteries she failed to pay for. The batteries were $7.99.  Surveillance footage revealed Cain picked up the batteries and then had both pockets inside a shirt, walking quickly out the door.  Deputy Derkin responded to Cain’s residence and met with Cain.  Cain denied taking the batteries, stating she set them down on a shelf. A check of the area in question was checked and the batteries were not located.  A summons is being requested for Tabitha Dawn Cain, age 43, 2346 Sealy Ridge Road, Vincent, OH, for theft, shoplifting.

14 Jun 2023 Deputy Gainer responded to Decatur Township to a report of a juvenile running away from home.  The child was located and a summons will be requested through juvenile court.

14 Jun 2023 at 1941 hours Deputy Wallace was dispatched to Iroquois Drive, Muskingum Township, to a report of Kyle Wears being drunk and unruly.  Wears was located on the porch, intoxicated and slurring his speech.  Wears also had glassy eyes and an odor of alcoholic beverage was coming from his person.  Wears was upset and threw his phone inside the house because the subjects took his car keys away from him.  Wears was allowed back into the home once he had calmed down.  Wears was advised by deputies in reference to possible disorderly conduct charges while escorting him to his room.  At approximately 2156 hours Deputy Wallace was dispatched back to the residence in reference to Wears being unruly again. Deputy Wallace and Sgt. Stillson located Wears on the front of the residence.  Wears stated he had been arguing with his parents about accessing the keys to his vehicle.  Kyle Andrew Wears, age 24, was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail for disorderly conduct.  Wears took a PBT at the jail and was a .235 at 2224 hours.

14 Jun 2023 while stationary on State Route 821, Muskingum Township, Deputy Wallace observed a white male subject driving a black sedan, blocking his face with his hand.  The vehicle pulled into the Pit Stop parking lot.  A short time later the vehicle pulled onto State Route 821 and then pulled into the Marathon Station on State Route 821 with the male subject going inside the store.  The male exited the store  and moved the vehicle to a different parking space.  Deputy Wallace then observed a male subject walking on the roadway, matching the description of the male driving the black sedan.  A check was made on the male, identified as Eric Kendall.  Kendall stated he was driving the vehicle and was heading to the Washington County Jail to put money on an inmate’s account.  A citation was issued to Kendall, 31557 Hopewell Ridge Road, Wingett Run, OH, for driving under suspension.

15 Jun 2023 Deputy Eichhorn observed a vehicle in Muskingum Township believed to be owned by a subject with active warrants.  The vehicle proceeded to a parking lot on Muskingum Drive.  Deputy Wallace and Deputy Eichhorn exited their patrol vehicles and met with Derek Petry, the driver.  Deputy Wallace with a passenger, Denise Strode, who was not cooperating with commands given by Deputy Wallace.    While Deputy Eichhorn was dealing with Petry, Strode had made her way back inside the vehicle rummaging in her bags with her hands behind her back.  Deputies were given consent to search and methamphetamines, alprazolam and fentanyl were located inside the vehicle.  Denise Rena Strode, age 50, 266 Muskingum Drive, Apt. D, Marietta, OH, was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail charged with tampering with evidence and possession of drugs, 3 counts. When Petry was advised he was being detained, he had his right hand in a fist, attempting to put something in his pocket.  Petry was given commands at that time to drop the item in his hand.  2 plastic bags were found on the ground, containing 3.48 grams of a white crystalline substance, suspected to be methamphetamine, and one bag containing 3.58 grams of a purple powdery substance, consistent with suspect fentanyl.   Petry was advised he was being placed under arrest where he actively began pulling away from deputies.  Derek Eugene Petry, age 43, 200 Mechanic Street, Macksburg, OH, was placed in custody and transported to the Washington County Jail charged with resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, possession of drugs, 2 counts.  Once at the jail, Strode was observed shoving something into her shirt.  A short time later Suboxone fell from Strode’s shirt onto the floor.  Strode was also charged with conveying into the jail.