27 Jun 2023 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office became aware of a scam in the area. The caller, with a thick accent, advised the victim that they required money through CVS gift cards. The caller stated that she was to contact a deputy sheriff with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and gave the address of 309 Fourth Street, Marietta, OH, as where she could contact the officer. The deputy’s name is in fact a WCSO employee, and that address is the criminal division of the Sheriff’s Office, however the name the caller gave was fake.

Please be very cautious with these calls. WCSO will NEVER ask for money orders, bit coin, cash, gift cards or any other means of paying a bond, over the phone.

Update: The caller advises the victim that they are to go to WCSO and give their DNA. This is the reason for the Fourth Street address being given.

It should be noted that two of our victims are known felons and it is unclear if this is a pattern the caller is using.