Operation Blue Sky 2023

Operation Blue Sky 2023: On May 19, 2023, at approximately 8:30 p.m., law enforcement officers from Ohio and West Virginia will light the sky blue with a procession as we honor all officers who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving and protecting their communities. According to the Officer Down Memorial page, in 2021 there were 700 line of duty deaths and 246 line of duty deaths in 2022. So far in 2023 there have been 42 line of duty deaths. Please keep the fallen heroes, their families, and their co-workers in your thoughts and prayers!

Procession Route:
OH: WSCC Colegate Dr. – Greene St. – Acme St. – Pike St./Greene St. – Third St. – Putnam St. – Putnam St. Bridge – Franklin St. – Virginia St. – State Route 7 south – Farson St. – Washington Blvd. – across the Parkersburg/Belpre Bridge

WV: Parkersburg/Belpre Bridge – 4th St. – Green St. – 5th St. – Division St. – Camden Ave. – East Street Bridge – left on 7th St. – 8th St. – Murdoch Ave. – Grand Central Ave. – Route 14 to Williamstown – Highland Ave. to I-77 (dispersing at that point).

We look forward to seeing the supporters along the route and appreciate your time. Thank you.