News 14 Mar 2023

On 6 Mar 2023 Deputy Windland was advised that a current Washington County inmate had violated a protection order put in place by Marietta Municipal Court on 6 Mar 2023.  Dante Julius Taylor-Branch had violated the protection order by contacting the protected party on five occasions via ICSolutions phone services.  Taylor-Branch, age 30, 145 Acme Street, Marietta, OH, was charged with violation of a protection order. 

On 7 Mar 2023 Deputy Stillson met with a Reno resident in reference to a purse, with all contents, being stolen from a vehicle by someone known to the victim.   

On 7 Mar 2023 Deputy Tullius began an animal abuse investigation in Pioneer Township, Lancaster Street, Marietta.

On 7 Mar 2023 Deputy Tucker began an investigation in Barlow Township in reference to damage done at a vacant residence.

On 8 Mar 2023 while patrolling State Route 7, Belpre Township, Sgt. Painter observed a passenger car traveling at a high rate of speed in the oncoming lane.  The vehicle was found to be traveling 96 mph in a posted 60 mph zone and confirmed.  A traffic stop was conducted with the driver, Jeremy Haynes.  While speaking with Haynes, he advised there was a firearm in the center console, as well as  marijuana roaches in the vehicle.   Haynes was placed in the patrol cruiser while a search of the vehicle was completed.  The firearm was located in the center console in a holster with a loaded magazine containing eight (8) 40 cal. bullets loaded in the magazine.  Sgt. Painter noted an odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about Haynes’ person.  When asked about drinking tonight Haynes stated he had four beers, with the last one being approximately twenty (20) minutes prior to our encounter. Haynes submitted to a PBT and tested 0.139 PBT.  Haynes was offered to take SFST, which he performed poorly on.  A breath BAC was conducted at the Belpre PD where he tested 0.122% g/210L of breath.  Jeremy A. Haynes, age 39, 27233 Huckleberry Road, Coolville, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with speed, reckless operation, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

On 9 Mar 2023 Deputy Peters was patrolling US 50, Belpre Township, when he observed a vehicle bearing Ohio registration with no registration sticker. Dispatch advised nothing on file with the license plate.  A traffic stop was conducted with the driver, Amanda C. Wigal.  An odor of marijuana was coming from inside the vehicle.  Wigal was asked if there was anything illegal in the car with her stating some meth and marijuana.  A search yielded 9.78 grams of marijuana and .73 grams of suspected methamphetamine.  Wigal was asked numerous times if she had anything illegal on her person, with her stating no.  After arriving at the Washington County Jail, and preparing to process Wigal, jail staff located .49 grams of suspected methamphetamine in Wigal’s bra.  Amanda Cheyenne Wigal, age 34, 4753 State Route 339, Vincent, OH, was charged with illegal conveyance into a detention facility, and possession of drugs. 

On 10 March 2023 Deputy Stillson was dispatched to the Par Mar, 38175 State Route 7, Newport Township, to an employee reporting Joseph Wells stole an item(s) from the store on 9 Mar 2023.  Wells had gone into the store and bought approximately $60.00 worth of goods. Employees were suspicious that he may have taken some things from the store, other than what he had purchased.  After a review of  security footage, Wells could be observed placing an item in his jacket pocket.  Items purchased were compared with where Wells was in the store determining that he possibly stole a doughnut.  Contact with Wells was made and he stated that what he put in his pocket was a stack of free napkins. The item seen going into the pocket was brown in color and the only napkins at the business are blue.  Charges of theft are being filed on Joseph Franklin Wells, age 32, 401 Main Street, New Matamoras, OH. 

On 12 Mar 2023 Deputy Stillson was patrolling State Route 7, Newport Township, when he observed a passenger car traveling at a high rate of speed in the oncoming lane.   The vehicle was found to be traveling 70 mph in a posted 55 mph zone, and confirmed.  A traffic stop was conducted with the driver, Brianna N. Yeager, 3241 Glendale Road, Cairo, WV.  A citation was issued for speed to Yeager.

There are currently 23 women and 88 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.