News 8 Mar 2023

On 26 Feb 2023 Lt. Hornbeck began an investigation into numerous mailboxes being damaged in the area of Veto Road, between Briggs Hill and Braun Road.  It was noted that vehicles were used, as well as other objects to damage the boxes. Anyone with information is asked to contact the office at740-376-7070 ext. 0. 

On 26 Feb 2023 Deputy Davis responded to meet with an individual in reference to an incident that occurred with Matthew A. Noland in Newport Township. It was noted that Noland had confronted the subject about visiting with his daughter.  Noland was advised to check with the Judge and respective court.  Noland used his body to pin the victim against the car, refraining her from getting into the vehicle and leaving. Noland continued screaming at the victim during this encounter.  After speaking with all interested parties Matthew Allen Noland, age 43, 1020 Henry Camp Road, St. Mary’s, WV, was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail charged with domestic violence and unlawful restraint.

On 26 Feb 2023 at approximately 1629 hours Deputy Tucker began an investigation into a 2019 Sure Trac dump trailer being stolen from Bear Creek Road, Muskingum Township. The complainant stated that a Dodge truck was observed, driven by David Rummer, on the property on 3 Feb 2023.  They also observed the same individual on 06 Feb 2023 during the early morning hours.  On 6 Feb 2023 Rummer can be seen pulling to the left of the residence and then backing up to the right of the residence, which is where the trailer in question was located. Rummer then can be seen exiting the property with the trailer.  On 18 Feb 2023 Sgt. Painter and Deputy Schwendeman conducted a traffic stop on this white Dodge truck, which had stopped at Speedway, Muskingum Drive.  Contact was made with David Rummer inside the business, with Rummer acknowledging that the truck belonged to him.  A charge of theft was filed on David Allen Rummer, age 59, 177 Rummer Road, Lowell, OH.

On 26 Feb 2023 Deputy Norris was dispatched to Pryor Glass Road, New Matamoras, OH, to a domestic violence incident involving Gregory Butler II.  Butler met with Deputy Norris.  Butler stated he had been in a verbal argument with the victim.  Butler stated he tried to get away from the victim, however he was followed to where he was going.  Butler stated that was when the argument turned physical.  Gregory Dale Butler II, age 31, 1188 Pryor Glass Road, New Matamoras, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence.

On 26 Feb 2023 Sgt. Young was dispatched to the Par Mar gas station located at 26960 State Route 7, Marietta Township, to a report of a female passing a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill.  The female had purchased $8.57 using the fake $100 bill and received change in the amount of $91.43.  The female was observed leaving in a Ford pick-up truck with FL license plates.  Through investigation it was determined that a subject known as Lori Beth Turner was at a local hotel, and she had been arrested by the Marietta PD for counterfeiting, possessing criminal tools, and obstructing official business. On 4 Mar 2023 Sgt. Young obtained photos of the subject passing the counterfeit currency.  The photo shows Turner as the one passing the hundred dollar bill on 26 Feb 2023. Turner, age 48, LKA: 1230 E. Long Street, Columbus, OH, is being charged with counterfeiting, a 4th degree felony.

There are currently 19 women and 83 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.