News 17 Feb 2023

On 8 Feb 2023 Captain Carr was advised that Rodney Hill, an inmate in the Washington County Jail, had assaulted another inmate.  The victim approached Hill and engaged him in a verbal altercation.  The victim reportedly shoved Hill as they were arguing and turned to leave the area.  Hill followed the victim and struck him in the back of the head with a closed fist. The victim fell to the ground with Hill. The victim was provided medical treatment.  Hill stated that the victim had a “bad phone call” and was banging the phone when he (Hill) told him to stop, as this is how they communicate with their family.  The victim replied that he didn’t care about his family.  Rodney Dakota Hill, age 22, Cutler, OH, was charged with assault.

On 09 Feb 2023 Deputy Harlow began an investigation and upon completion requested a summons be issued to a juvenile for menacing.

On 9 Feb 2023 Deputy Eichhorn began an investigation into a dog bite in Grandview Township.

On 9 Feb 2023 Deputy Gainer began an investigation in Belpre Township in reference to a catalytic converter being removed from a Dodge vehicle.

On 10 Feb 2023 Deputy Windland began an investigation in a stolen stop sign from Newport Township.

There are currently 18 women and 91 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.