News 9 Feb 2023

On 30 Jan 2023 Deputy Thornberry began an investigation into a license plate being stolen from a vehicle in Grandview Township.

On 30 Jan 2023 Deputy Tullius responded to 114 Oakview Drive, Apt. 2, Marietta, to investigate a dog bite complaint from 28 Jan 2023.  Donald Morgan was identified as the dog owner.  Morgan stated that he took the dog out and the subject that was bit was behind his own truck, and he took off running in which the dog ran after him. Morgan was unsure if the dog actually bit the victim.  A summons is being requested for Donald Morgan, age 64, 114 Oakview Drive, Apt. 2, Marietta, OH, on a charge of failure to confine.

On 30 Jan 2023 Sgt. Painter was dispatched to 100 Main Street, Adams Township, where a Duke and Duchess employee wanted to report finding methamphetamine on the floor. The suspected methamphetamine was collected, and found to be consistent with methamphetamine. After conducting the investigation the subject that dropped the substance was identified as Joseph L. Greathouse.  Sgt. Painter patrolled the area for the suspect vehicle. The vehicle was located and a traffic stop was conducted.  When Greathouse was asked if he was at the store, he confirmed he had.  When shown the bag of methamphetamine, he stated he did not know he had dropped it.  Joseph L. Greathouse, age 36, Marietta, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of drugs. 

On 31 Jan 2023 Lt. Hunter was dispatched to 10 Browns Road, Marietta Township, to meet with Terry M. Anderson regarding suspicious activity in the parking lot at that location.  Anderson advised he has a valid concealed carry license through Washington County.  Lt. Hunter was inspecting the license at which time Anderson reached into his coat pocket and started to remove his handgun (he had in the pocket), which Lt. Hunter clearly viewed.  Lt. Hunter then stopped Anderson from removing the firearm and advised him he could not handle or touch his firearm in his presence.  Lt. Hunter then removed his firearm from his person and found it to be loaded with 15 rounds in the magazine and an empty chamber. Anderson was advised that he would be summoned into Marietta Municipal Court for his actions, as well as taking the license and firearm as evidence.  Anderson was apologetic and advised he did not know he could not handle/touch his firearm in the presence of a law enforcement officer.  A summons for carrying a concealed weapons violation was requested through MMC on Terry M. Anderson, age 70, 10 Browns Road, Marietta, OH. 

On 1 Feb 2023 Deputy Davis began an investigation in Barlow Township in reference to a theft from a home including weedeaters, and other equipment.

On 2 Feb 2023 Lt. Parks was advised by jail personnel that it was believed that Wade William White, a current inmate, may have violated the terms of a protection order issued by Portsmouth Municipal Court in Scioto County 16 Sept 2022.  Lt. Parks began the investigation and found a phone call had been made on this date, and then listened to the phone call in question.  White was heard making statements of harm to the protected party.  A charge of violating a protection order was filed on White, age 26, 907 Colegate Drive, Apt. 5, Marietta, OH.

On 2 Feb 2023 Deputy Davis began an investigation into the theft of money through a debit card, in Barlow Township. 

On 3 Feb 2023 deputies were dispatched to Sixth Street, Lowell, OH, in reference to a report of a man and woman being heard arguing for approximately 2 hours. Upon arrival Lt. Hunter exited his patrol car and could clearly hear and see an irate male yelling at a female  (holding a small baby) inside the residence at 512 Sixth Street.  The male was following the female around the residence screaming at her.  Contact was made with Davon Kidd, who was extremely excited and angry and would not cooperate with deputies and their questions.  Kidd was advised that he was under arrest and while trying to place his arm behind his back, Kidd pulled away and a struggle ensued until Kidd was secured with handcuffs.  Davon Eugene Kidd, age 37, was placed under arrest for domestic violence, and resisting arrest. 

There are currently 20 women and 93 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.