1 Feb 2023

On 26 Jan 2023 Deputy Gainer was requested to conduct a welfare check in Barlow Township.  After making contact a squad was requested and dispatched. 

On 26 Jan 2023 Deputy Kehl was dispatched to Park Avenue, Grandview Township, to a report of a physical assault by Joshua Stanley.  Stanley had fled the area when law enforcement was called.  Deputy Kehl observed the front passenger window busted out of a vehicle, and swelling above the victim’s eye. Medical attention was denied.  Deputies patrolled for Stanley and he was located on Dode Avenue.  Stanley was advised of the Miranda Rights and agreed to speak with Deputy Kehl.  Stanley was very evasive regarding the events of the day. Joshua Stanley, age 30, 37248 Mound Street, Sardis, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence as well as violating a protection order.

On 26 Jan 2023 Deputies of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office received several anonymous tips regarding Shannon S. Hines currently being at his residence, 1220 Brackenridge Road, Barlow Township, and there was an active warrant out of West Virginia for parole violation.  Deputy Gainer and Sgt. Painter responded to the address and encountered Hines operating a Chevrolet Equinox, pulling into the residence at the same time deputies were. Deputy Gainer observed and identified Hines as the sole occupant of the vehicle.  Deputy Gainer advised Hines that he was under arrest for his warrant(s).  Hines inquired why he was under arrest at which time Sgt. Painter approached the vehicle.  Deputies attempted to extricate Hines from the vehicle while telling Hines he was under arrest.  Hines resisted arrest and ended up getting the car from park to drive and began driving off while both deputies had physical contact with him.  Both Sgt. Painter and Deputy Gainer were struck by the vehicle Hines was operating and almost ran over.  Hines then fled the area, cutting through yards and driving recklessly.  A search of the area for Hines met with negative results.  Lt. Hunter requested a warrant for Shannon Scott Hines, age 34, 1220 Brackenridge Road, Vincent, OH, on charges of 2 counts felonious assault of a police officer, resisting arrest and failure to comply with the order/signal of a peace officer.  Warrants were issued and Hines was arrested in Wood County, WV, on 27 Jan 2023.

There are currently 18 women and 86 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.