WCSO News 7 Dec 2022

On 30 Nov 2022  Deputy Tullius, along with a Humane Officer, responded to 508 Florence Street, Blennerhassett Township, to follow up on a referral from the Belpre Police Department.  Contact was made with Roger Tanner.  Upon Tanner opening the door a crack the ammonia odor was overwhelming. Tanner was advised that they were there to follow up on the loose dog complaint. Tanner advised that the dogs had broken the fence and managed to get loose.  A canine identified as Goober was lying in a chair with multiple injuries, which Tanner advised he was aware he needed medical attention.  Apparently one dog had attacked the other dog, Goober, on multiple occasions.  At least 7 dogs were located inside the home.  Tanner stated he was trying to get rid of three of the dogs on Facebook.  Tanner was asked to surrender the dogs to Deputy Tullius, in which he did surrender a dog named Rocky and one named Princess.  Tanner then willingly surrendered Goober as well.  Other animals at the home consisted of lizards, rats and ferrets.  When asked about the bedding for the ferrets he stated he didn’t have the money this month, and was waiting until next month to clean the cage/tank. On 1 Dec 2022 Deputy Tullius returned with the Humane Officer and asked that all animals be surrendered due to the living conditions. Tanner agreed to surrender the three dogs, Goober, Princess, and Rocky which were taken on Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022.  While Tanner was completing the surrender forms, we advised him that Princess also had injuries.  Five total dogs were removed from the home, along with the lizards, a ferret, and rats.  Also taken was a green iguana, a Savannah Monitor and Leopard Gecko.  A charge of prohibitions to companion animals is being filed on Roger Lee Tanner, age 47, 508 Florence Street, Belpre, OH.

On 30 Nov 2022 Deputy Harlow was westbound on State Route 676, Watertown Township, when he observed a traffic violation.  A traffic stop was conducted with the driver identified as Ronald Ray Wagner.  When asked why he passed on a double yellow the subject replied that the car in front of him was driving 30 mph and he was tired of (explicit) with it.  Wagner, 300 Center Street, Beverly, OH, was issued a traffic citation for No Pass Zone.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail 5 Dec 2022:

Steven Garrett Powell, age 40, Marietta, OH, parole violation, a felony.

Kirk Russell Slider, age 29, Marietta, OH, domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

John William Gibson, age 42, Belpre, OH, domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 9 women and 96 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.