WCSO News 16 Nov 2022

On 15 Nov 2022 at approximately 2041 hours Lt. Parks was sitting stationary patrol in Warren Township when a white GMC truck bearing WV registration turned into her location.  The vehicle windows were dark, and the driver was only identified as a male subject once he put his window down. The male driver and only occupant, later identified as Timothy James Osborne, stated he wanted to ask a question. Dispatch was advised of Lt. Parks being out with the vehicle and Osborne appeared to become agitated at that time and sped off to the parking lot area of the location.  Lt. Parks observed the vehicle abruptly stop, back up, and squeal the tires as it pulled back up to Lt. Parks’ location. Each time the truck stopped by the cruiser it was close enough that the occupant of the cruiser would not have been able to exit the cruiser. Osborne asked for directions to Parkersburg and he was given those directions. Osborne then entered onto State Route 7, traveling northbound, erratically speeding, swerving between lanes, finally making a left turn near the entrance of Asphalt Materials and began to travel south  bound on State Route 7.  Lt. Parks was able to catch Osborne’s vehicle and he immediately pulled off to the side of the road.  Lt. Parks then activated the emergency lights and before coming to a stop along the side of the roadway, observed the backup lights on Osborne’s truck. Osborne then began backing up at a high rate of speed, with Lt. Parks quickly pulling the patrol vehicle into the lane of travel to avoid a collision.  Osborne continued driving in reverse in a northbound direction in the south bound lane with traffic coming towards him. Osborne then began travelling south bound and Lt. Parks maneuvered the cruiser behind Osborne with the emergency lights and sirens activated, and Osborne continued to ignore them and did not stop.  Osborne reached speeds of 102 mph. Once entering Belpre Township Osborne turned around at Clement Avenue and travelled towards the Main Street area of Belpre.  Osborne eventually turned left onto the Parkersburg Bridge and the pursuit continued into Parkersburg, WV.  Osborne entered different business lots, eventually coming to a stop on Garfield Avenue.  Osborne traveled the wrong way on Garfield Avenue, entering the hospital parking lot and exiting back onto Garfield Avenue, striking Sgt. Young’s (WCSO) patrol vehicle.  Osborne was taken into custody by the Parkersburg Police Department.  Lt. Parks requested a warrant be issued by Marietta Municipal Court for Timothy James Osborne, age 63, 6030 Elizabeth Pike, Elizabeth, WV, for felonious assault and failure to comply with the order of a police officer.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail 15 Nov 2022:

Ryan Scott Garrett, age 40, Parkersburg, WV, aggravated possession of drugs and receiving stolen property, 2 counts, all felonies.

Jamie Lewis Chapman, II,  age 20, Belpre, OH, robbery, a felony.

Angela Stephanie Diane Johnson, age 48, Marietta, OH, contempt, theft and criminal trespass, and contempt of court, all misdemeanors.

There are currently 14 women and 98 men being housed in the Washington County Jail.