Team Brantly

During the Barlow Community Fair, members of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office met Brantly and his family. Deputies were quick to learn that Brantly is a huge fan and supporter of law enforcement. Brantly enjoyed talking with the deputies and hearing everything they do, and all about the Drone Unit and missions they have flown.

Members of the Drone Unit didn’t stop at the end of the fair weekend, they set out to present Brantly with a gift to show their appreciation of his support.

Brantly and his family welcomed the Officers into their home for a visit. During their visit Brantly was presented with a plaque from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Our hope is that Brantly will proudly display this gift for all his fans to see. The Officers made sure not to forget Brantly’s sister and presented her with a gift card.

Thank you to the members of the Drone Unit for all you have done for Brantly and for your contributions to the Sheriff’s Office. This team is made up of individuals who volunteer their time to assist the Sheriff’s Office in keeping our communities safe.