On 6 Jun 2022 Deputy Gainer began an investigation in Muskingum Township reference to disorderly conduct.

On 6 Jun 2022 at approximately 0703 hours deputies were dispatched to 7350 Veto Road, Dunham Township, to a breaking and entering.  Witnesses reported that 2 males were in a gray Chevrolet truck in a garage belonging to the homeowners.  The males were observed carrying a floor jack out of the garage, and upon being yelled at the two males quickly jumped in the truck and fled the area.  It was determined that a Polaris Razor, a generator, an air compressor (blue), miscellaneous tools, and miscellaneous other items were missing.  Deputies continued to investigate, which led them to Lake Road where deputies observed the Chevy truck drive by the location they were at.  A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle with two occupants being Jason Wayne Allman and Daniel Lloyd Lott.  Located inside the bed of the truck was an air compressor (blue) and a generator.  Lott stated he and Allman entered the garage on Veto Road and took the items.  Lott stated he drove the Polaris to Lake Road and hid it in the wooded area.  Allman stated he was asked by Lott to drive the truck to the garage on Veto Road where he was going to steal the Polaris.  Allman denied any involvement or knowledge of the stolen items.  Daniel Lloyd Lot, age 36, 705 Thomas Court, Belpre, OH, and Jason Wayne Allman, age 39, 33705 Bailey Run Road, Pomeroy, OH, are both being charged with breaking and entering, 2 counts of theft and tampering with evidence, all felonies.

On 6 Jun 2022 Deputy Wallace began an investigation in Marietta Township in reference to storage buildings being entered. 

On 6 Jun 2022 Deputy Wallace began an investigation into a theft in Dunham Township.

On 6 Jun 2022 Sgt. McConnell and Deputy Davis responded to 714 Devola Street, Muskingum Township, to a complaint of dogs running loose and one killing a fawn.  The dog owner, Troy Lee, advised his two bigger dogs had gotten loose from their fenced in yard, however he was unaware they had killed a deer. Deputy Davis is requesting a summons be issued to Troy R. Lee, age 50, on a charge of failure to restrain.

On 7 Jun 2022 Deputy Harlow responded to 105 Woodcrest Lane, Marietta Township, to a 911 call stating “send somebody now”, then hanging up.  After investigating it was determined that William Simpson and Stefanie Simpson had been arguing and were physical with one another before leaving the residence.   After completing the investigation it was determined that a summons would be requested for William Joseph Simpson, age 41, and Stefanie Ann Simpson, age 28, for disorderly conduct.

There are currently 22 female inmates and 86 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.