On 3 Jun 2022 Deputy Dolly responded to the area of the 9000-B State Route 339, Barlow Township, at the request of another agency.  It was reported that a female was walking along the roadway in the dark and very foggy weather.  Deputy Dolly observed a vehicle pull into the gas station and a female subject exit the vehicle with a gas can (being the female in question).  The male driver stated his name was Rodney Driver and asked that Deputy Dolly “not do this to him”.  Upon making contact with dispatch it was determined that the male, identified as Rodney Duane Shriver, had an active warrant out of Athens County.  Deputy Davis, assisting, asked Shriver if he had anything in his pockets that would be considered illegal and Shriver told officers that he would have meth in his front pocket of his jeans. Deputies located a piece of aluminum foil with an unknown white powdery substance, a clear plastic baggy with an unknown crystalized substance, a black pipe, and a yellow lighter in his pocket.  Shriver, age 31, was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance as well as the warrant from Athens County.

On 3 Jun 2022 deputies were attempting an arrest on a subject known to have an active arrest warrant in Aurelius Township.  Deputies met with Brian Bates who was asked for his personal identifiers, which he was reluctant to give, and stated he had a warrant out of Noble County, which was confirmed.  Bates was informed that he was being placed under arrest on the warrant.  Bates then turned and began to run from deputies.  Bates was apprehended by deputies, and continued to refuse access to his hands to be handcuffed.  Bates eventually stated that he had a syringe and meth in his pockets. A glass container of white substance and a plastic spoon was located in Bates’ pocket.  Brian Daniel Bates, age 46, 530 ½ High Street, Macksburg, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On 3 Jun 2022 Deputy Gainer began an investigation into a theft from a vehicle in Muskingum Township.   

On 4 Jun 2022 deputies responded to the intersection of Dana’s Run Road and Milltown Road, Newport Township, to a report of Brent Russell Stottlemire damaging a vehicle.   Stottlemire was dropped off at a residence and he began kicking the vehicle grill, breaking the passenger side door handle and damaging the driver side mirror.  After arguing with the vehicle owner Stottlemire threw punches at them with a closed fist, making contact on the second punch.  A warrant was requested and issued through Marietta Municipal Court on a charge of assault and criminal mischief. 

On 5 Jun 2022 Deputy Dolly responded to Watertown Road, Watertown Township, to a report of Michael Fortney threatening a subject at the location.  Fortney had arrived at the residence to obtain a truck, and became angry, stating things were torn up on his truck.  Fortney accused the subject at the residence of doing the damage.  Fortney began making threats of harm toward the subject (who was not present).  Contact was made at 4350 State Route 530, Lowell, OH, with Fortney.  Fortney denied making any threats of harm toward the subject, or having someone else harm him.  Michael Ryan Fortney, age 25, was placed under arrest and transported to Washington County Jail charged with aggregated menacing. 

On 5 Jun 2022 Deputy Gainer began an investigation into a theft in Wesley Township of a game camera. 

There are currently 23 female inmates and 75 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.