On 30 May 2022  Deputy Dolly responded to Pine Ridge Road, Fleming, Ohio in reference to Derek Jordon Vanhorn, age 34, LKA: 813 Bryden Road, Columbus, OH, being at the residence and threatening the homeowners with burning down the house.   Vanhorn reportedly got out of the Chevy truck he was driving and confronted the homeowner, asking where some property was that he stated the homeowner stole from him.  Vanhorn was told to leave the residence in which he did.  A warrant was requested and issued through Marietta Municipal Court on a charge aggravated menacing and driving under specified lifetime suspension.   

On 31 May 2022 Deputy Derkin began an investigation into a dog biting an individual in Marietta, OH. 

On 2 Jun 2022 Deputy Derkin was dispatched to Pike Street, to a dog running loose in the parking lot that belonged to Krystal E Smith.  A summons is being requested for Smith, age 38, homeless, on a charge of failing to control her dog. 

On 3 Jun 2022 Sgt. McConnell and Deputy Wallace were dispatched to 1220 Brackenridge Road, Barlow Township, to a report of Christine V. Coe assaulting a subject with a screwdriver.   Coe had thrown a screwdriver which caused a visible wound in the victim’s leg.  When deputies advised Coe she would be going to jail she said she was not going to jail, wanting deputies to shoot her.  Upon attempting to take hold of Coe, she punched and was able to pinch the arm of a deputy.  Christine V. Coe, age 80, 1220 Brackenridge Road, Vincent, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence and assault of a peace officer.  Coe was transported to the Washington County Jail.

There are currently 22 female inmates and 81 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.