Be Aware BITCOIN Scam

On 3 May 2022 Sgt. Dolly spoke with a gentleman who had been scammed out of $14,000. The victim received a call from a subject that advised he worked for the FBI in “investigations”. The caller advised our victim that his social security number, date of birth, bank account information and all personal information had been accessed by numerous people.

The caller further told the victim that to keep his bank accounts from being tampered with, he was opening an investigation, and to keep him from losing his money to these “scammers” he (the victim) would need to withdraw his money and send his money to a BITCOIN account.

The “FBI” agent also sent a photograph of a fake Department of Investigation ID and badge to the victim. Once the caller sent the badge and ID he asked our victim to send a copy of his bank account information (account no/routing no/bank, etc) and his driver’s license along with his social security number to “verify” everything he had was accurate.

Our victim sent that information via text message to 202-217-6735. The caller told the victim to take the money to a BITCOIN machine (BP gas station on Grand Central in Parkersburg, WV) and he would send him a barcode to use to send the cash.

The caller sent the victim a barcode and provided him a PIN number to use, and the caller sent the $14,000.

The fake agent called again today to have the victim take out his Merrill Lynch Investment and put the information into his bank account, however the victim did not.  

Contact was made with BITCOINS customer service and they advised this is the “new” way scammers are scamming people. They advised this is completely untraceable because it is all digital and goes into a digital wallet that is not traceable. The customer service representative was able to look up our victim’s account the scammers had opened up using the victim’s information, driver’s license, social security number, and bank account. This is how he was able to use the barcode and scan it at the BITCOIN machine and use the PIN that went straight to the scammer’s wallet. BITCOIN was able to close our victim’s account, however was not able to prevent the funds from going through. 

The caller gave the victim a spoofed phone number (740-373-4141) because he wanted to “verify” with the Marietta Police Department it was legit. The caller had a female answer the phone acting as a dispatcher and said this “FBI” agent was real and this was not a scam. He thought it was real because it was the Marietta Police Department phone number, however they “spoofed” phone number. 

Attached are the photographs of the barcode and the ID card used. This individual used the FBI, however they could use a local law enforcement agency or state agency as well.

Please be very aware of this SCAM…If in doubt contact your local law enforcement agency.