On 25 Feb 2022 a suitcase was turned in to Deputy Stillson that was found sitting along the roadway.

On 27 Feb 2022 it was reported that Joseph David Knutson was on Railroad Street in Salem Township, destroying things and threatening to set the residence on fire.   A verbal altercation had taken place, which turned into threats.  Joseph David Knutson, age 34, Railroad Street, Whipple, OH, was arrested for domestic violence and processed into the Washington County Jail where he tested .008 PBT.                                   

On 28 Feb 2022 Deputy Wallace investigated the theft of coins from Decatur Township.

On 28 Feb 2022 Lt. Gherke responded to 250 Masonic Park Lane, Marietta Township to a 911 hang up.  It was discovered that Amber Starcher and Dustin Cunningham were involved in a domestic disturbance.  After completing the investigation, a summons was requested through Marietta Municipal Court for Starcher and Cunningham on a charge of disorderly conduct.

There are currently 14 female inmates and 77 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.