On 6 Feb 2022 Deputy Stillson was dispatched to Sparling Road, Waterford Township, to a report of trash being dumped on the property during the weekend of 02/04/2022.  The complainant returned to the residence and found 7 bags of trash thrown onto the property.  The trash was searched finding an individual’s name on mail.  After contacting the individual, it was determined that Zachary Charles Raines, 255 Rummer Road, Marietta, OH, was to take the trash to his location for disposal.  Deputy Stillson was advised that the Raines subject was driving on Sparling Road and the bags fell from the truck bed and he did not stop to retrieve them.  Raines retrieved the trash from the Sparling Road area.  A summons for littering will be requested through Marietta Municipal Court for Raines, age 19, Marietta, OH.

On 6 Feb 2022 Deputy Painter was patrolling State Route 7, Belpre Township, when he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in the oncoming lane.  Radar revealed the vehicle was travelling 89 mph in the posted 60 mph zone.  After conducting a traffic stop, the driver, Christopher Caldwell, stated he did not have his operator’s license with him.  Caldwell’s eyes appeared glassy and his speech slurred.  Deputy Painter also detected an odor of an alcohol beverage.  When asked if he had been drinking Caldwell stated he had been drinking all day.  It was found that Caldwell’s’ operator license was suspended at the time.  Caldwell exited the vehicle with difficulty, and an open container was observed in the console cup holder.  When asked to perform standardized field sobriety test, Caldwell declined.  Christopher Lee Caldwell, age 40, 101 Twin Bridge Road, Little Hocking, OH, was transported to the Belpre Police Department.  Caldwell again refused to perform the BAC test.  Caldwell was transported to the Washington County Jail where he was charged with speed, driving under OVI suspension, operating a vehicle while under the influence, OVI refusal, and open container. 

On 8 Feb 2022 Deputy Stillson began an investigation into a stolen air compressor from Marietta Township.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail 7 Feb 2022:

Michael James Leboeuf, 33, Marietta, OH, trafficking in cocaine, possession of cocaine, trafficking in LSD, possession of LSD, 2 counts aggravated trafficking in drugs, and 2 counts aggravated possession of drugs, all felonies.

John Christopher Fortney, 33, Lowell, OH, parole violation, a felony.

There are currently 17 female inmates and 73 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.