On 13 Jan 2022 Deputy Peters began an investigation into a resident of Marietta Township having their Sam’s Store credit card used and items purchased by unknown subject(s).

On 14 Jan 2022 Deputy Wallace began an investigation into a Warren Township company’s gas cards being utilized for purchases of approximately $2500.

On 16 Jan 2022 Lt. Parks and Deputy Gainer responded to 17785 State Route 7 (ParMar), Warren Township, to a commercial burglar alarm.  The front door glass was smashed and unlocked. Deputies cleared the interior, finding an open refrigerator and the area for the cashier disturbed.  The immediate area was searched with the assistance of Ohio State Highway Patrol and Marietta Police Department K9 unit. The male suspect was observed on store security video and a subject matching his description was located in the 100 block of Hanna Road.  The male identified himself as Elijah Blu Stapp, and was advised of his Miranda Warning.  Stapp admitted to breaking into the ParMar and taking several alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.  Stapp advised he was intoxicated due to drinking the beverages he stole before he was apprehended.  Elijah Blu Stapp, age 18, listed as homeless, was arrested for breaking and entering, theft, possessing criminal tools, underage consumption of alcohol, and criminal damaging.  Stapp was transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 16 Jan 2022 deputies responded to the area of Tadpole Road and Veto Road. It was reported by a witness that subject(s) may be stealing from Briggs Sand & Gravel Inc., Blue Knob Road, Warren Township.  The caller reported seeing a vehicle parked on the property.  The caller stated they turned back around to check this suspicious behavior, and the suspect vehicle took off almost striking his vehicle.  The caller reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office, as well as continuing to follow the vehicle.  Sgt. Brown responded to the area where the subject was last seen.  As Sgt. Brown was nearing an intersection, the suspect vehicle was approaching him.  Sgt. Brown slowed, still utilizing his siren and lights, when the suspect vehicle continued driving towards the patrol vehicle.  The suspect vehicle showed no signs of slowing and when passing Sgt. Brown, struck the patrol vehicle on the driver side.  Sgt. Brown began to pursue the subject(s), and observed the vehicle over a hill in a field.  Other deputies arrived on scene and approached the vehicle.  A search of the area began with deputies locating Ryan O Nichols hiding under some leaves in the woods.  Nichols was taken into custody and placed in the patrol vehicle.  Nichols stated he did not know the other subject.  Deputies inspected the original crime scene at Briggs Sand & Gravel and found the fuel cap removed and diesel fuel was spilled on the ground.  Deputies obtained the identity of the other male to be Terry Brian Fox.  Ryan O’Neil Nichols, age 45, 1936 Barth Road, Belpre, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with criminal trespass, theft, possessing criminal tools and obstructing official business.  A warrant was requested and issued for Terry Brian Fox, age 47, 312 Walnut Street,  Belpre, OH, on charges of criminal trespassing, theft, possessing criminal tools, obstructing official business, failure to comply, operating in willful disregard of the safety of persons, fictitious license plates, stopping after an accident on public roads, and assault on a peace officer.

On 16 Jan 2022 Deputy Stillson was dispatched to 12170 State Route 60, Adams Township, in regards to a threatening message sent by Shane Severt.   Severt stated he had been in an argument with the victim. After completing the investigation it was determined that Shane A Severt, age 45, 12170 SR 60, Lowell, OH, would be arrested and charged with domestic violence and aggravated menacing. Severt was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

There are currently 17 female inmates and 75 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.