On 31 Oct 2021 Deputy Wallace completed a private property crash at the Dollar General, SR 60, Adams Township.

On 4 Nov 2021 Deputy Wallace and Deputy Tornes responded to 304 Third Street, Adams Township, to a report of an incident at this location.  Chad Parsons was heard yelling upon deputies arriving and was asked to come outside.  Based on the outcome of the investigation it was determined that Chad Robert Parsons, age 41, would be placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence as well as possession of drugs (methamphetamine 2.54 grams).

On 4 Nov 2021 Deputy Tornes requested a summons be issued to Nina Michelle Male, age 69, 1081 State Route 339, Vincent, OH, for failure to restrain her dog.  Male has a dog that has been reported as being loose on 28 Oct 2021 from 303 Third Street, Waterford Township, and biting two juveniles.   

On 4 Nov 2021 Deputy Aultman was dispatched to Walnut Drive, Salem Township, to a report of a dog running loose on another’s property.  Deputy Aultman spoke with Carly Isaacs regarding her dog being loose, which was previously loose on 28 Oct 2021 as well.  A summons will be issued for Isaacs, 6939 State Route 821, Whipple, OH, for failure to restrain. 

On 4 Nov 2021 Deputy Hall conducted an investigation into a delinquent child.  At the conclusion of the investigation it was determined that a summons would be issued for delinquency by disorderly conduct. 

On 5 Nov 2021 Deputy Martin began an investigation into a possible financial scam.

On 5 Nov 2021 Deputy Stillson began an investigation into a stolen video game from a vehicle in Muskingum Township.

On 5 Nov 2021 Deputy Gainer received a warrant from the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the arrest of Stacy Nicole Stevens on charges of promoting a minor in sex performance and use of a minor in a sex performance.  The information received in the warrant was compared with the booking information provided by Stevens when booked into the Washington County Jail.  A charge of fugitive from justice was filed on Stevens, age 36, 260 Summers Road, Marietta, OH. 

On 6 Nov 2021 Deputy Martin and Sgt. Brown responded to 304 Third Street, Adams Township, to a report of subjects yelling and being disorderly.  Deputies determined that Dillon was arguing with residents.  Dillon was located and consent to search was obtained for his backpack.  There were numerous needle syringes and metal spoons with burnt residue on them. When asked about the spoons, Dillon stated they were used for methamphetamine use, but denied they belonged to him.  Dillon advised all the syringes were his, due to a medical condition. A burnt glass smoking pipe with residue was also located in the bag. All these items were collected and placed in evidence. A summons is being requested for Dillon Shane Ankrom, age 20, on a charge of possession of drug abuse instrument and illegal possession of paraphernalia.   

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between 5 Nov 2021 and 7 Nov 2021:

Stacy Nicole Stevens, age 36, Cambellsville, KY, fugitive from justice, a misdemeanor.

William Henry Thomas, age 52, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 8 female inmates and 56 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.