On 11 Sept  2021 Deputy Young was dispatched to Grandview Township to a report of Baxter Lee Grimes possibly stealing a wallet from a gentleman that had given him a ride from the Carpenter Bridge to New Matamoras.  Grimes was reportedly dropped off and the driver then noticed a wallet missing from the center console.   Deputy Young accompanied the victim on the bike path that Grimes took after exiting the vehicle.  The wallet was located however cash was missing.  Charges for felony theft from an elderly person were filed on Grimes, age 44, 817 Grandview Avenue, New Matamoras, OH.  Grimes was arrested on 13 Sept 2021 at his residence on these charges.

On 11 Sept 2021 Deputy Gainer began an investigation into a breaking and entering at the storage buildings on State Route 339, Waterford Township, where items of value were stolen. This case remains under investigation.     

On 11 Sept 2021 Deputy Gainer began an investigation into dog(s) running at large in Newport Township.  This case remains under investigation.

On 11 Sept 2021 at approximately 2110 hours deputies were dispatched to a fight near the Warren Volunteer Fire Department, Warren Township.  A Toyota Camry was located partially in the roadway and partially in the driveway of the WVFD.  Colten Pugh, Joseph Williams and a female were located with the vehicle.  Pugh had blood on his shirt, and Williams had blood on his nose. After speaking with all three individuals, it appeared Williams punched Pugh while he was driving at which time Pugh stopped the car and got out and proceeded to engage in fighting Williams.  Pugh appeared to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, with an odor of an alcoholic beverage on/or about his person, slurred speech and he was unsteady on his feet.  Inside the vehicle were numerous cans of Twisted Tea, including one open in the center console. Pugh admitted to driving the vehicle, and consuming alcohol that evening. Pugh was asked and agreed to perform standard field sobriety tests, which he did poorly on.  Colten Wyatt Pugh, age 30, 1110 Moody Ridge Road, Vincent, OH, was placed under arrest for OVI and issued a citation for disorderly conduct.  Pugh was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.  Joseph L. Williams, age 62, 16069 State Route 550, Fleming, OH, will be summoned into court on a charge of disorderly conduct by fighting

On 12 Sept at approximately 0134 hours, Sgt. Schwendeman was dispatched to 2400 Silver Globe Road, Warren Township, to a domestic disturbance at that address. The call was received from Alphonso Johnson, stating  his girlfriend, MacKenzie Nichole Vogt, had assaulted him.  Johnson states that Vogt had been hitting him, smacking him and gouging his eyes.  Johnson reported being dropped off by a female co-worker after work, which upset Vogt. Johnson reported that Vogt became verbally assaultive while making accusations and then hit him in the head multiple times, scratching his arm, chest and neck.  Vogt is also accused of breaking his court-ordered Soberlink device by throwing it on the floor.  Deputies spoke with Vogt, who appeared to be intoxicated, and was very argumentative and kept trying to defend her actions.  After completing the investigation it was determined that MacKenzie Nichole Vogt, age 26, 2400 Silver Globe Road, Marietta, OH, would be arrested for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

On 12 Sept 2021 Deputy Tullius began an investigation into a breaking and entering at 2235 Hickman Road, Palmer Township.  Items of value to include tools, were removed from the barn.  This case remains under investigation.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail on 15 Sept 2021:

Jason Howard Feick, age 46, Belpre, OH, OVI and hit skip, both misdemeanors.

There are currently 15 female inmates and 87 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.