On 27 Aug 2021 Deputy Painter observed Thomas Pearison operating a motor vehicle, knowing he had no driving privileges.  A traffic stop was conducted and Pearison was asked if he had anything in the vehicle he shouldn’t have.  Pearison stated no.  When asked if he would consent to a search, Pearison stated that Deputy Painter could.  Pearison immediately stated that there was a bag in the vehicle with needles belonging to someone else.  Also located was a burnt spoon, glass pipe, cut straw, silicone container and baggies with white powder.  A summons is being requested for Thomas M. Pearison, age 34, 1776 Briggs Hill Road, Belpre, OH, on a charge of possessing drug paraphernalia.

On 27 Aug 2021multiple deputies responded to 407 Couglar Street, Grandview Township, to a report of a domestic disturbance involving Kristina Haught and her husband, Joseph Haught.  Joseph had fled the area upon law enforcement arriving.  Kristina and Joseph were discussing personal issues at which time Joseph became upset and threw several cans of Twisted Tea at her. Kristina reportedly tried to calm Joseph down and he allegedly broke the glass from a gun cabinet, took several guns and threw them in her direction.  Deputies continued the investigation and discovered Joseph back at the residence, however he locked himself in a garage.  Deputies eventually took custody of Joseph and placed him under arrest, charging him with domestic violence.  Joseph was transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 28 Aug 2021 Deputy Stillman began an investigation into stolen items from a resident in Marietta Township.  This case remains under investigation.

On 28 Aug 2021 deputies were dispatched to 14096 State Route 550, Barlow Township, to a report of Mark Music putting his hands on a female subject known to him.  Music was located on the couch and when asked to explain what had happened he advised he got beat up by the female and two other individuals.   Information received was that Music had asked for a cigarette and when his request was denied he went back to the living room and verbally insulted the three individuals.  When the individuals attempted to leave the residence Music shoved the door closed, verbally insulting them again.  When the female asked what he had called her, Music grabbed her by the neck and pushed her back onto the porch.  Deputies then had to administer Narcan to Music as he was not alert at that time.  When deputies inquired further of Music, he was evasive with his answers and became verbally aggressive towards them.  At one point Music pulled down the front of his pants exposing his genitals.   Music was advised that he was under arrest, however refused to cooperate with placing his hands behind his back.  Deputies took control of Music and placed him in handcuffs, with him continuing to resist.  Mark NMN Music, age 42, 14096 SR 550, Fleming, OH, was transported to the Washington County Jail, charge with assault and resisting arrest.