Special News 10 Aug 2021

On 21 Jul 2021 2 counts of cruelty to animals charges were filed in Marietta Municipal Court, requesting a summons be issued to Alexis Jade Mattox, age 30, 255 Veto Circle, Belpre, OH.    

On 9 Jul 2021 deputies informed Deputy Tornes of a malnourished Great Dane at the above residence.  Deputy Tornes observed three dogs on the property.  The harlequin colored Great Dane appeared to be malnourished with large red sores on the lumbar vertebrae, the pelvic bone, both points of the buttocks and on the tail.  Mattox stated the dog was almost 2 years of age.  Mattox surrendered the Great Dane to Deputy Tornes. 

The dog was found to weigh 53.9 lbs. and scored a 1.5 out of 9 on the body condition scale.  The average weight for a female Great Dane is 110 lbs. to 140 lbs. 

On 13 Jul 2021, four days later,  the dog was taken back to the veterinarian and the dog had gained 9.7 pounds. The dog was also confirmed to have hookworms and whipworms.   

As of 20 Jul 2021 the dog gained a total of 16.1 pounds and weighs 70 pounds.