Special News Release 6 Aug 2021

On 5 Aug 2021 Agents with the Major Crimes Task Force conducted an investigation resulting in the arrest of Dayshon Lewis and Mark Wilson, both of Akron, Ohio.

An agent patrolling State Route 7 observed a Chevy SUV pass his location well below the posted speed limit. As the SUV passed agents were able to observe the front windows blacked out with very dark window tint.  The temporary tag was unable to be read, due to the positioning on the rear hatch.  A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle at that time. 

The driver was operating the vehicle in the left hand lane, and stopped in the left hand passing lane, in the roadway.  The driver was immediately instructed to pull off onto Starlite Drive to make the stop safer for all involved.

Once the vehicle moved locations the driver (Lewis) and passenger (Wilson) were advised why they were being stopped.  The temporary tag was then obtained and checked through dispatch. 

Dispatch advised that Lewis had an active warrant through the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  Information on Wilson was unable to be located. 

Lewis was asked to step from the vehicle and he was advised that he was being held on the active warrant, until it could be confirmed. Lewis was advised to remove items from his pockets.  Agents observed Lewis remove a large amount of cash from pocket and place it in the vehicle. 

Wilson was asked to step out of the vehicle, and was asked in reference his driving status.  Agents observed Wilson’s pockets appeared to be bulging, and a pat-down on his person was requested. 

During the pat down a large lump/item was found to be stuffed in the crotch area of his pants. Wilson was placed in handcuffs to secure the object in his pants.  After placing  Wilson’s hand in one handcuff, Wilson violently jerked away and attempted to run.  Agents were able to hold on to the other handcuff and after a short struggle Wilson was placed onto the ground, the other handcuff placed on Wilson. 

Directly where the struggle ensued, agents observed a large baggie containing a white substance, later found to contain 29.12g of fentanyl,  consistent with the item felt stuffed in Wilson’s pants during the pat down.

A subsequent search of Wilson revealed $1,976 in cash, and a search of the vehicle revealed $2,319, a box of plastic baggies (consistent with drug trafficking) a cover to a set of digital scales, along with a loaded magazine for an Ar-15 style rifle.

Dayshon Mentry Lewis, age 20, 708 Storer Avenue, Akron, OH, and Mark Elliott Wilson, age 20, 780 Hayden Avenue, Akron, OH, were placed under arrest and charged with trafficking in drugs, a 1st degree felony.

Lewis and Wilson are being held in the Washington County Jail pending their appearance in Marietta Municipal Court on 6 Aug 2021.

The Washington Morgan Noble Major Crimes Task Force is part of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s Organized Crime Investigation Commission and is comprised of representatives of Post 84 of the Ohio State Highway Patrol; Washington, Monroe,  Morgan and Noble County Sheriff’s Offices; the Marietta, Belpre and McConnelsville Police Departments; and the Washington, Morgan and Noble County Prosecutor’s Office.