On 15 Jul 2021 while on patrol in Muskingum Township, State Route 60, Deputy Crum observed a sedan traveling at a high rate of speed.  Deputy Crum turned to catch the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop.  At approximately the 8000 block of SR 60, Deputy Crum learned the vehicle owner to be Angela Johnson.  Contact was made and Johnson apologized for speeding, advising her speed was 80 mph. Johnson cited personal medical issues with a family member as the reason for the speed.  Dispatch advised Deputy Crum of an active warrant for Johnson.  Johnson was permitted to proceed to the residence in question with the emergency.  Johnson stated the vehicles were not at the home, therefore someone must have transported the individual for medical treatment.  Johnson was placed under arrest on the active warrants.  Deputy Crum inquired of the home owner in reference to a medical emergency.  The homeowner did not know the family member and no one at that residence had a medical emergency.  Deputy Crum asked Johnson for the information on the individual needing the medical attention and she would not provide any details.  A phone number was attempted, however no one answered.  Angela Stephanie Diane Johnson, age 47, 1730 Browns Road, Marietta, OH, was arrested on the active warrants as well as being charged with obstructing justice.  Johnson was processed into the Washington County Jail.

There are currently 26 female inmates and 99 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.