Deputy Martin Honored

As reported on WTAP News, Deputy Matthew Martin responded on 24 May 2021 to a report made by Ivan Richards, that he had suffered an injury while working with equipment in his garage. Mr. Richards was able to quickly dial 911.

Deputy Martin was close by and rendered aid to Ivan Richards, applying a tournique and deciding to transport Mr. Richards in his patrol car to the local hospital, instead of waiting on a squad. Mr. Richards was given medical treatment at that time.

Mr. Richards has stated that he feels his life was saved by the action of Deputy Martin on that day. Mr. Richards and his wife are extremely appreciative of Deputy Martin’s actions.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office honored Deputy Martin with the BSSA Lifesaving Award to be worn on his duty uniform.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Richards for your kindness to our agency and to Deputy Matthew Martin for his committment to excellence in his position as a Deputy Sheriff in our community.

Deputy Matthew Martin receives the Lifesaving Award certificate from Sheriff Larry R. Mincks

Watch the interview of Mr. and Mrs. Richards and Deputy Martin on WTAP.