On 19 Apr 2021 Deputy Rist received a warrant from the Magistrate Court of Pleasants County, WV, for the arrest of Zachery Cole Winget on a charge of fleeing from an officer.  The information on the warrant was compared with the information given by Winget, a current inmate, when he was booked into the Washington County Jail, and found them to match.  Based on the information obtained Deputy Rist charged Zachery Cole Winget, age 26, 102 Seever Street, Springfield, OH, with being a fugitive from justice.  Winget was served a copy of his warrant and charges.

On 19 Apr 2021 Deputy Tornes and Deputy Young began an investigation into a possible domestic violence incident.  After speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

On 20 Apr 2021 Deputy Painter responded to 101 Longacre Street, Marietta, OH, in an attempt to serve a warrant issued for the arrest of Megan Wiggins, on a charge of endangering children, 1st degree felony.  Multiple announcements, knocking and yelling, were made for the residents to come to the door.  Officers additionally knocked on all doors to the residence and a bedroom window with no response. These attempts were continued for approximately fifteen minutes. After no response entry was made into the residence and both Michael Dawson and Megan Wiggins were located inside the residence. Due to the above contributing circumstances Michael Anthony Dawson Jr., age 32, was placed under arrest on a charge of obstructing justice, a 3rd degree felony, and processed into the Washington County Jail.

On 21 Apr 2021 Sgt. Brown began an investigation into the theft of a catalytic converter from a Ford F350.  This case remains under investigation.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail on 21 Apr 2021:

William Eric George, age 46, Parkersburg, WV, contempt of court and 2 counts theft by deception, all felonies.

There are currently 24 female inmates and 73 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.