Special News 12 Feb 2021

On 12 Feb 2021 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call requesting EMS personnel and law enforcement in regards to an unresponsive male suffering from a head wound.
Deputies responded to 3719 Blue Knob Road, Apt. B, Marietta, OH, and located a male, identified as Devon Ours, lying on the floor bleeding profusely from his head. Ours was transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital for medical treatment.
Detectives were called to the scene to conduct the investigation. During the course of the investigation several interviews were conducted as well as an interview with Steven Osborne.  Osborne provided his version of events, which included being involved in a physical altercation with Devon Ours over his girlfriend.
Osborne advised he knocked Ours to the ground with a punch and then began kneeing the victim in the head as he was covering up.
Subsequent interviews were conducted that revealed further information as to what transpired. The investigation revealed Osborne was using his girlfriend’s Facebook account to communicate with Ours.  It appears that Ours was trying to initiate a romantic relationship with the female, and believed he was coming to the apartment to see her when in fact Osborne was sending the messages. Osborne advised the female to sit on the couch and go along with it, while he and the other male subject hid in the home. 
Ours arrived at the apartment and sat down with the female on the couch and began rubbing her leg. At that time Osborne came out of the bathroom and a fight ensued. The female ran to the back bedroom and the other male subject advised when he came out of the bedroom Osborne was striking Ours with a baseball bat.
A search warrant was executed at the residence where detectives located a baseball bat that appeared to have blood on it.  
Steven Andrew Osborne, age 19, 529 Federal Road, Little Hocking, OH, was taken into custody and transported to the Washington County Jail where he remains pending arraignment on a charge of felonious assault, a 2nd degree felony.