On 5 Feb 2021 Lt. Gherke and Sgt. McConnell responded to 270 Water Street, Lowell, OH, to a 911 call about a family dispute.  While speaking with the individuals, Anthony Hanes was being belligerent and making comments.  He was advised to stop with the comments, and continued make comments and started yelling.  Anthony Lee Hanes, age 44, was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct.  Hanes was processed into the Washington County Jail.

On 5 Feb 2021 Deputy Brown began an investigation into a bank account being compromised by someone the victim knew.  The victim has refused to prosecute the subject.  Case closed.

On 7 Feb 2021 Deputies Brown and Martin responded to 355 Sellars Road, Belpre, OH, to a private property wreck.  The driver, Andrea Sees, met with an individual to purchase a vehicle.  The vehicle owner drove the vehicle to this location so he could remove his belongings from the vehicle.  Sees stated when the male exited the vehicle to remove a down tree from the road she got in the driver’s seat and backed up the vehicle at a high rate of speed, striking a retaining wall.  Sees asked to get warm in the cruiser, in which she was asked if deputies could inspect her black bag she had with her.  Deputies found a wallet with 4 hypodermic needles.  When Sees was being patted down incident to arrest, an object in her pant leg was located, being a black metal container w/2 baggies of suspected meth.  Sees did surrender these items.   The vehicle owner stated they agreed to sell the vehicle via Facebook and upon arrival the female was acting weird.  He further stated when he exited the vehicle to remove a tree from the road, Sees got into the vehicle and struck a retaining wall.  Andrea Lee Sees, age 27, was placed under arrest and transported to Washington County Jail charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug use instruments, and criminal damaging.

On 7 Feb 2021 Lt. Gherke responded to 615 Warren Street, Marietta, OH, to meet with Jocelyn Jackson about an assault that occurred in the 300 Block of 5th Street, Beverly, OH.  Jackson advised she was riding in a truck with her boyfriend, Damian N. Tyson, coming from McConnelsville.  Jackson stated Tyson was upset with her saying he knew she was mad.  Jackson stated while driving in Beverly, Tyson shoved her head into the passenger side window. Jackson stated out of instinct she put her left hand out and must have hit Tyson because he became more upset and punched her two times in the face with his fist.  Tyson was located on Acme Street and was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail.  Damian Nicholas Tyson, age 42, 615 Warren Street, Marietta, OH, was charged with assault. 

On 7 Feb 2021 Lt. Gherke and Sgt. McConnell responded to 55 Starlite Drive Lot 4, Marietta, OH, in reference to a domestic dispute between Travis Adams and Rebecca Mallard. Sgt. McConnell met with Mallard  who advised Adams had been drinking all day, woke up and seemed confused.  Mallard stated that is when he started acting out.  Adams is alleged to have punched all the mirrors in the bathroom, and having cuts on himself, was bleeding everywhere.  Deputies made contact with Adams who did have cuts and blood on both of his hands.  When asked what had happened, Adams stated he had broken all the mirrors in the bedroom.  Adams did not wish for a squad to look at his injuries.  Adams wanted Mallard to leave and not come back.  While speaking with both subjects they began to argue.  Adams still wished for Mallard to leave, but Mallard was worried for Adams.  While they were arguing, Mallard advised the reason she called was because Adams had choked her. Travis Shane Adams, age 42, 402 Clearview Lane, Taylorsville, NC, was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail for domestic violence.

On 9 Feb  2021 Darren Biles Jr. reported his wife Kristen Biles attacked him and hit him with a picture frame at 488 Federal Road, Apt. A, Little Hocking, OH.  Deputy Gainer and Lt. Hornbeck responded and made contact with Darren and Kristen. Both stated they were in a mutual argument.. Darren had taken Kristen’s cell phone and the two began to wrestle with each other. Kristen was unable to get the phone back and they separated. Kristen stated she then threw a picture frame at Darren as he walked down the stairs, and it struck Darren in the right side of the head.  Kristen Michelle Biles, age 25, was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence. 

There  are currently 20 female inmates and 69 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.