On 21 Jan 2021 Deputy Crum received information that Charles G. Gibson had stolen  a vehicle.  The owner of the vehicle, Frederick Forsthoefel, 2133 Murray Street, Belpre, OH, had given Gibson permission to use the vehicle to drive to work the evening of 15 Jan 2021.  Gibson was to have the vehicle returned by midnight the same night.  Gibson had driven the vehicle to West Virginia and was stopped by West Virginia State Police, and arrested on several warrants.  Due to Gibson driving the vehicle across state lines into West Virginia and having the vehicle in his possession for over 48 hours, Deputy Crum requested a warrant for Charles G. Gibson, age 61, 10 Nova Street, Apt. 716, Buckhannon, WV, for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.  

On 1 Feb 2021 Deputy Crum was dispatched to 4990 State Route 339 to a report of a single vehicle accident.   The owner of the vehicle, John Bailey, Vincent, OH, allowed Timothy Nay to drive his vehicle, a 2003 Volkswagen station wagon, on Friday and he had yet to return it.  Lt. Hunter responded to Bailey’s residence, where he was advised that he had given Nay permission to drive his vehicle for one day on January 22, 2021.  Bailey stated he was given $100.00 by Nay for letting him use the vehicle.  Bailey had spoke with Nay multiple times and told him to return the vehicle.  Bailey stated he received a call from Nay stating he was on his way back when he was involved in an accident.  A summons was requested Timothy Curtis Nay, age 51, 9105 State Route 550, Vincent, OH, for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

On 4 Feb 2021 Deputy Johnson began an investigation into a shooting complaint.  This case remains under investigation.

There  are currently 16 female inmates and 71 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.