On 21 Jan 2021 Mary Sidell reported to Deputy Kehl that her 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan was stolen   This case remains under investigation.

On 21 Jan 2021 Sgt. Carr issued a citation to Dustin R. Seevers, 202 Second Street, New Matamoras, OH, for speed, 69 mph in a 55-mph zone, and  Benjamin G. Sewell, 425 Reed Road, Marietta, OH, for speed, 73 mph in a 55-mph zone.

On 21 Jan 2021 Lt. Hornbeck began an investigation into an assault.  This case remains under investigation.

On 21 Jan 2021 Deputy Crum was dispatched to 2110 Roberts Road, Wesley Township, along with the Wesley VFD, to a structure fire.  Barlow VFD and Chesterhill VFD also arrived to provide mutual aid.

On 26 Jan 2021 Deputy Young began an investigation into a financial scam.  This case remains under investigation.

On 26 Jan 2021 Deputy Brown was dispatched with other deputies to 104 Washington Street, Unit 1, Marietta, OH, to serve a warrant on file with Gallia County and the Marietta Police Department.  Katherin Carter answered the door stating she was the only one home.  Deputies did not locate anyone in the home.  Carter was again asked and denied anyone else being there.  A noise could be heard coming from the attic and deputies entered the attic and found Dakota Davis hiding in the attic.  Katherin L. Carter, age 22, was placed under arrest for obstructing official business.

On 26 Jan 2021 Lt. Hornbeck responded to the Par Mar, Newport, OH, to a theft.  Mitchell Greenwood was observed on video taking items from the shelf and placing them in his pocket.  Greenwood is seen paying for some items, however not the items in his pocket.  A warrant will be requested for Mitchell L. Greenwood, age 35, 35 Heeter Road, Newport, OH, on a charge of theft.

There  are currently 15 female inmates and 86 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.