On 12 Jan  2021 Deputy Crum was dispatched to Little Hocking, OH, in reference to a report that Cyrus Dunfee removed his children from a vehicle at a local business.  A temporary protection order is in place against Dunfee, and Dunfee does not have custody of the child.  Dunfee followed the child’s mother and at one-point Dunfee went to the car to speak with his child, and took him from the vehicle   Dunfee was located, and acknowledge he knew about the protection order, however he was told it was inactive. Cyrus Leon Dunfee, age 40, 27338 Cincinnati Ridge, Coolville, OH, was arrested and charged with violating a protection order. 

On 13 Jan 2021 Deputy Painter began an investigation into a financial scam.  This case remains under investigation.

On 14 Jan 2021 Lt. Hornbeck was travelling on US 50 at State Route 555 when a vehicle pulled from State Route 555, cutting Lt. Hornbeck off.  The vehicle continued on, making any abrupt lane change. The vehicle was observed weaving within the lane of travel, travelling less than the posted speed limit.  A traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle.  Lt. Hornbeck identified the driver as Tiffany Wilkes. A male passenger appeared to be sleeping, and when asked for the male’s identity, Wilkes stated John, but that she didn’t know him well.  Wilkes stated she was giving him a ride to MMH Belpre Campus.  The male did not respond to Lt. Hornbeck, appearing as if he was asleep.  A check on Wilkes through dispatch revealed an active arrest warrant.  Wilkes was advised of the warrant.  Wilkes asked to obtain her purse, and when asked if she would be taking it to jail with her, replied “no”, she just wanted to hold it.  Wilkes was then placed in the patrol vehicle.  Other deputies arrived on scene and the male identified himself as John Richards.  Richards stated he was ill and a squad was called for assistance.  It was determined that Richards was in fact Robin Richards and was wanted on a felony Adult Parole Authority warrant.  Wilkes advised she gave a fake name for Richards because he told her to.  Wilkes stated they were not on their way to MMH, however to the park and ride to meet up with a relative of Richards.  Wilkes gave Deputy Painter permission to search her vehicle, revealing a glass pipe, and  approximately 10 grams of methamphetamine. Wilkes advised the container the drugs were in was hers, however not the drugs.  Tiffany Ann Wilkes, age 35, 1811 20th Street, Parkersburg, WV, was charged with possession of drugs and obstructing justice, and was transported to the Washington County Jail.  Robin Jerome Richards, age 33, 29385 E. Belpre Pike Road, Coolville, OH, was charged with obstructing justice and the warrant for parole violation, and was transported to the Washington County Jail. 

There  are currently 12 female inmates and 77 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.