On 30 Dec 2020 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office received a request to complete a welfare check on two dogs at 300 Summers Road, Marietta, OH.  It was reported that the dog owner left on vacation, leaving the animals with no one to care for them. 
A search warrant at the home revealed two small breed dogs inside a small room in the residence. There were water and food containers in the room but the water containers were empty and dry. There were feces and urine all over the floor in this room and the odor was foul, and detected throughout the home.  The carpet near the door was ripped and the door frame was scratched as if the dogs were attempting to get out.  There were puppy pads and blankets on the floor, which were duct-taped together and completely tangled and twisted around the terrier dog’s right front leg.  The material around the dog’s leg was so tight it was cutting into the leg and created a large wound that appeared infected.  Both dogs were of decent body weight but were severely dehydrated. The dogs were seized and transported to a local veterinarian where they were treated.  It was confirmed that both dogs were dehydrated.  The veterinarian removed the material from the terrier dog’s leg and treated its wound. 
Deputy Peters made contact with the owner, Zandra Nutter, on 30 Dec 2020 and she confirmed she was in Mexico at that time but was returning home late this same date.  Nutter confirmed she left her dogs inside her residence but stated she had someone to care for them.  Nutter stated the care giver was at her residence “this morning” to check on the dogs.  Nutter advised when she left the dogs had food and water. 
Nutter was again asked if anyone checked on the dogs earlier that day and she stated the caregiver, Nina Oates, was supposed to but she hadn’t talked to her so she was unsure.
Contact was made with Nina Oates who reported she was at  Nutter’s residence every day since she left for vacation on 25 Dec 2020.  Oates went into detail about caring for the dogs, stating that she had not been there yet this date, 30 Dec 2020, but was going later in the evening.  Oates was advised that the dogs had been seized.  Oates stated she had checked on the dogs once a day.
On 31 Dec 2020 Oates called and spoke with a deputy, stating she lied about caring for Nutter’s dogs, and was never asked to care for the dogs, nor had she gone to Nutter’s residence any time between 25 Dec 2020 and 30 Dec 2020.  Oates stated she received a call from Nutter and Gary Oates Jr. on 30 Dec  2020 just before Deputy Peters called her.  Oates stated she was told to say she watched Nutter’s dogs while they were on vacation if anyone asked. 
On 6 Jan 2021 Sgt. McGilton made contact with Nutter and confirmed she did not have anyone set up to care for her dogs while she was on vacation.  Nutter stated she didn’t realize it wasn’t ok to leave them as she did.  Nutter was advised of the conditions of the dogs and asked her to confirm she felt it was ok to leave for five days without care.  Nutter went on to say she didn’t want to leave them outside as it was too cold. 
Nutter confirmed the terrier did not have any injuries or wounds on its legs prior to her leaving.  
On 7 Jan 2021 Sgt. McGilton met with Gary Oates Jr.  Gary was asked how much food and water was put in the room with the dogs before they left for vacation.  Gary stated what the dogs had but then stated he didn’t actually see it because Nutter had that done before he got there, but acknowledged he knew the dogs were being left at the residence without care.   
Gary was informed of the severity of asking his sister, Nina Oates, to lie about caring for the dogs, in which he stated he was aware and they (he and Nutter) were flustered when they received the call about the dogs. 
A summons is being requested for Zandra K Nutter, age 35, 300 Summers Road, Marietta, OH, on a charge of falsification and cruelty to animals, Nina Marleene Oates, age 33,  628 8th Street, Marietta, OH, for falsification and Gary Stephen Oates Jr., age 36, 200 Putnam Avenue, Apt. A, Marietta, OH, for obstructing official business. 
A request is also being made to the court to forfeit the dogs, as well as an order be put in place prohibiting Nutter from owning companion animals.  Restitution to the Sheriff’s Office for veterinarian expenses is also being requested.

On 5 Jan 2021 Deputy Brown began an investigation into a cell phone being stolen.  This case remains under investigation.

On 7 Jan 2021 Deputy Johnson began an investigation into a stolen cell phone.  This case remains under investigation.

On 7 Jan  2021 Deputy Kehl was dispatched to 204 Seventh Street, Beverly, OH, to a report that Jessica Strode was possibly on drugs while caring for her children.  After completing the investigation Deputy Kehl filed charges of endangering children on Jessica Fawn Strode, age 36.

On 8 Jan 2021 Deputy Gainer met with Carl Pryor, Knob Road, Vincent, OH, regarding a payment for services that was not completed.  This case remains under investigation.

On 9 Jan 2021 deputies met with Eric Morgenstern, 225 County House Lane, Marietta, OH, regarding a Car Mate trailer being stolen. 

On 9 Jan 2021 deputies were dispatched to Vincent, OH, to an incident of domestic violence. After conducting the investigation the juvenile was charged as an unruly child.

There  are currently 13 female inmates and 74 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.