Special News 23 Sep 2020

On 23 Sep 2020 Washington County Sheriff’s Office Deputies requested and  executed search warrants at 7 residences in New Matamoras, OH.

At 406 Front Street, New Matamoras,  deputies made contact with Audrey Eckstein, Samuel Aday and Joy Headley.  A search revealed a plate with methamphetamine powder, a straw, smoking pipe with residue, and a digital scale in one room.  These items were accessible to all occupants of the residence.  Numerous smoking pipes were located in another room as well.

None of the individuals (Eckstein, Aday, Headley)  would claim ownership of the recovered items.   A presumptive test was conducted on the powder located on the plate with a positive indication for methamphetamine.

On 12 Sep 2020 Deputy Young had been dispatched to 817 Grandview Avenue to meet with Mary Sidel.  Sidel reported  several subjects broke into the residence and assaulted Baxter Grimes.  Grimes advised Deputy Young that Michael Slonaker came to the front door of his residence and walked in uninvited, questioning him about comments he (Grimes) made about killing him in his sleep (Slonaker).   Grimes denied these comments to Slonaker and Slonaker advised he believed he did make the statement and began to physically attack him.  While Slonaker was assaulting Grimes, Jason Slonaker, Richard Slonaker and Branden Barnes came into the residence and began to attack him as well. 

During the attack the subjects made comments that they were going to “gut” and “stab” him.  Grimes advised  Slonaker (Michael) brandished a fixed blade knife, however put it away before attacking him.  Slonaker was the only individual that Grimes reported seeing with a knife.

Grimes was able to escape the subjects and fled to another room, while one of the subjects stated “we’re going to gut you”.  Grimes exited the home in an attempt to get away from the four attackers, however they followed him. 

Grimes stated he made it to 2nd Street and the subjects started “kicking” him up the street.  The physical attack continued to Broadway Avenue and into a parking lot.  Grimes reported yelling for help during the attack.

Grimes stated that after they stopped attacking him, one of the subjects stated that if he called the police they would kill him.  The 4 subjects then left the area. 

When Grimes was asked what would cause this attack, Sidel spoke up and stated while she was in jail in July they invaded the house, beat Grimes up and put him out of the house.  Sidel reported having a difficult time getting Slonaker (Michael) out of the residence once she returned home from jail.

Grimes was transported to MMH for treatment of his injuries. 

Lt. McPeek and Deputy Young attempted to make contact with Michael Slonaker, Jason Slonaker; Richard Slonaker and Branden Barnes, however negative contact was made. 

On 18 Sep 2020 the Sheriff’s Office was called to meet with Crystal Sloanker regarding an assault by Michael D. Slonaker.  Slonaker became angry when Crystal would not rent a car for him and while sitting in a vehicle punched her in the face.   Crystal exited the vehicle and was struck two more times and shoved to the ground.  A witness to this assault stated that Slonaker (Michael) swung at him, however he missed both times.  A warrant was requested and issued for Michael Slonaker on a charge of domestic violence. 

Lt. McPeek made contact with a jewelry/pawn shop and determined that Mary Sidel had sold gold coins to them, and Grimes was with her.

On 22 Sep 2020 a report was taken in New Matamoras, Ohio, by Sgt. Parks in reference to gold coins and jewelry being stolen.  It was noted that Sidel and Grimes were at the residence earlier in the month doing some work. 

Deputies filed charges requesting warrants be issued for Jason Slonaker, Michael Slonaker, Richard Slonaker and Branden Barnes. Those warrants were issued to the Sheriff’s Office.

During the execution of the search warrants the following subjects were located and arrested on the following charges.   

Jason Scott Slonaker, age 41, 1207 Williamson Avenue, New Matamoras, OH, aggravated burglary, a 1st degree felony.

Richard William Slonaker, age 47, 33231 State Route 800, New Matamoras, OH, aggravated burglary, a 1st degree felony.

Mary Ann Sidel, age 54, 817 Grandview Avenue, New Matamoras, OH, receiving stolen property, 5th degree felony.

Baxter Lee Grimes, age 43, 817 Grandview Avenue, New Matamoras, OH,  burglary, 2nd degree felony and theft, 4th degree felony.

Kristy Gayle Templeton, age 42, 1308 Williamson Avenue, Apt. 1A, New Matamoras, OH, possessing drug abuse instruments, a 2nd degree misdemeanor.

Samuel Len Aday, age 59, 406 Front Street, New Matamoras, OH, possession of methamphetamine, a 5th degree felony.

Audrey Ann Eckstein, age 60, 406 Front Street, Apt. A, New Matamoras, OH, possession of methamphetamine, a 5th degree felony.

Joy Jo Headley, age 42, 210 N Main Street, New Martinsville, WV, possession of methamphetamine, a 5th degree felony.

The individual appeared in Marietta Municipal Court and remain incarcerated in the Washington County Jail on the following  bonds.

Headley         $750
Aday               No bond
Grimes           No bond
Sidel               No bond
Slonaker J     $50,000
Slonaker R    $50,000
Templeton     $750

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Michael  Dean Slonaker, age 36,   316 Main Street, New Matamoras, OH, or Branden Ross Barnes, age 25, 96 Acme Street, Marietta, OH, please call your local law enforcement office or the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 740-376-7070 ext. 0.

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