On 18 Sep 2020 Sgt. McGilton requested Marietta Municipal Court issue warrants for Dedrick Thomas Jordan, age 29, 3250 NW 17th Street, Fort Lauderhill, FL, for 2 counts identity fraud 2nd and 3rd degree felonies,  2 counts theft 3rd and 4th degree felonies, 2 counts unauthorized use of property, 3rd and 4th degree felonies, telecommunications fraud 3rd degree felony. Also requested were warrants for Jessica Rolande Delva, age 26, 1525 SW 111th Street 9-105, Pembroke Pines, FL, for 2 counts  identity fraud 2nd and 3rd degree felonies, 2 counts attempted theft 4th and 5th degree felonies, 2 counts unauthorized use of property 3rd and 4th degree felonies, and 2 counts telecommunications fraud, 3rd degree felonies.

On 16 Dec 2019 the victims reported to the Sheriff’s Office that on 13 Dec 2019 there had been issues trying to use their cellphone, finding it had been “disconnected”.  At the time of reporting the incident to law enforcement they had suffered no loss, they believed, except for the cell phone number. 
The victims went to their service provider and after reviewing the issue were informed that the cell phone number had been stolen from their account on 12 Dec 2019.  The service provider also informed them the number was now activated to a T-Mobile device, and they were working to retrieve the number.
The victims then received a notice from a financial company that stated their stocks had  been sold.  The victim accessed their account found this to be true however, the money was in a reserve account, and they completed a transaction in an attempt to  clear this up.  The victim did not think this was an issues due to the way stocks  sometimes are automatically sold.  
On 16 Dec 2019 the victim received another notice from the investment company, however this time it was to notify them their account had been locked, due to too many attempts made to change the password.  The victim contacted the company to discuss this and  learned there had been a wire transfer of over $20,000 from the account, which took place 12 Dec 2019, which the victim did not authorize.  The victim’s stolen cell phone number was linked to the investment account, which was one of the ways this account had been accessed. 
After conducting this investigation it was determined that on 12 Dec 2019 Dedrick  Jordan had used the victim’s cellphone number along with personal information to access the investment account.  A check of Jordan’s bank records confirmed the transaction into his account for over $20,000.  The records also showed Jordan spent the money stolen through several  ATM withdrawals, cash App payments, Nike, Wal-Mart, the Jungle Reptile Shop, eBay,  Harbor Freight and the Broward County Clerk of Courts in Florida, shortly after  depositing the funds into his account.   Also detected was a transfer of over $10,000 from a victim in Illinois and $4800 from a  victim in Alabama in February of 2019.  One of these victims had also had her cell  phone number compromised.
On 13 Dec 2019 Jessica Delva had also utilized our victim’s personal  information that Jordan had used.  Delva attempted to wire transfer additional funds of over $18,000 from the victim’s account.  Delva had this money set to be transferred into her personal account.  This transfer did not go through as the account had been flagged at this point.  Delva’s bank records revealed a similar transaction from Pennsylvania on 23 Dec 2019  in the amount of $7,500 and a second transaction for $3,950.00.

On 18 Sep 2020 Lt. Hunter along with Deputy Peters responded to 171 Mill Branch Road, Belpre, to a report of possible domestic violence involving Haley Jett.  After concluding the investigation Haley A. Jett was charged with disorderly conduct by fighting.  

On 19 Sep 2020 Deputy Painter requested a minor misdemeanor citation be issued to Andrew L. Hasson, 152 Irvingwick Drive, Heath, OH, on a charge of possession of marijuana, after conducting a traffic stop on the subject for a traffic violation.  

On 20 Sep 2020 Deputy Painter requested a minor misdemeanor citation be issued to Robert D Decamp, 321 Muskingum Drive, Apt. A, Marietta, OH, on a charge of possession of marijuana, after conducting a traffic stop on the subject for a traffic violation.         

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Friday 18 Sep 2020 and Monday 21 Sep 2020:

Myles Leland Merew, age 41, 10440 Veto Road, Belpre, OH,  inducing panic,  a misdemeanor.

Timothy Matthew Sampson, age 28, 206 Brentwood Street, Marietta, OH,  probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Nicole Dena Davis, age 35, 204 Dale Street, Marietta, OH, 8 counts loose dog, 2 counts driving under suspension, failure to register a dog, contempt of court and breach of recognizance, all misdemeanors.

Wesley Joseph Huddleston, age 33,  probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Maranda Marie Markwood, age 42, 713 Greene Street, Apt. C, Marietta, OH,  criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

Joshua David Chichester, age 34, 1444 Jesterville Road, Parkersburg, WV, no operator’s license and fictitious plates, both misdemeanors.

Uriah Matthew Hill, age 44, homeless,  criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

Cody Montell Knotts, age 29, 360 Morris Road, Marietta, OH, driving under suspension, a misdemeanor.

Jaclyn Virginia Caldwell, age 30, 713 Boso Avenue, Ravenswood, WV,  breaking and entering, a felony.

There are currently 22 female inmates and 62 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.