On 18 Aug 2020 Deputy Brown issued a citation to Jannette M. Gustke, 915 Newbury Road, Coolville, OH, for driving with no license. 

On 18 Aug 2020 Deputy Peters responded to the Dollar General, 10282 State Route 550, Vincent, to the report of a theft.  Footage showed a male and female walking around the store and the male opened a package and turned around and walked out of camera view.  The item was later determined to be a package of Gorilla glue which was priced at $5.00.  Through the investigation Deputy Peters was able to identify the female and male.  The male, Vincent Roberts, met with Deputy Peters and denied taking any items.  He then admitted to taking some items.  Roberts, 1920 Roberts Road, Amesville, OH, will be summoned into Marietta Municipal Court on a charge of theft. 

On 18 Aug 2020 Deputies were advised of an assault between a Craig Long and Heath Long.  Heath denied an altercation with Craig stating it was just an argument.  Deputies searched for Craig, also learning he had active warrants for his arrest.  Craig Long was later found hiding in the residence.  Craig admitted to a mutual fight with Heath.  A summons has been requested through Marietta Municipal Court for Craig S. Long, age 57, 485 Danas Run Road, Newport, OH, on a charge of disorderly conduct by fighting.  Heath Wesley Long, age 33,  39460 Opossum Creek Road, Sardis, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with obstructing official business and disorderly conduct by fighting.

On 19 Aug 2020 Deputy Young met with Angela Johnson who reported her motor vehicle  was taken from the Marietta Municipal Court parking lot, located at 259 Butler Street, Marietta, OH.  Johnson  stated she was driving an individual, Miranda Jane Long, to work, but had to stop at the Marietta Municipal Court.  Johnson stated she left Long with the vehicle, with it running. Johnson came back and discovered her vehicle missing.  Johnson made contact with subjects that advised her vehicle was at her residence, which she found was not true.  Contact was made with Long who stated she took the vehicle, but with Johnson’s permission, and drove to Johnson’s residence.  Mathew Steven McComas, age 41, 104 Grandview Avenue, Apt. 3, Marietta, OH, and Miranda Jane Long, age 27, 1981 Benedict Road, Fleming, OH,  were both arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.     

On 20 Aug 2020 Sgt. Carr issued a citation for speed, 69 in a 55-mph zone, to Zachary Hauersperger, Maroa, IL, and speed, 69 in a 50-mph zone, to a Ronald Morris, Young Road, Marietta, OH. 

On 21 Aug  2020 at approximately 1300 hrs. Deputy Brown  responded to 1426 Earley Ridge Road, New Matamoras, to a domestic dispute complaint. Gregory Earley had called 911 to report his son, Zackariah Earley, had assaulted him and threatened him with a pick axe.   Gregory stated Zackariah had been acting strange lately and while in a verbal argument in the driveway, Zackariah struck him twice on the side of the head,  with an open hand. Gregory began walking away and Zackariah picked up a pick axe and followed him, yelling that he  would “pick” his father.  Gregory got in his vehicle,  left the home and called 911.   Deputy Brown met with  Zackariah who was  speaking about random things and didn’t acknowledge knowing why Deputy Brown was there.  Deputy Brown advised Zackariah that he would be placed in cuffs and he stated “no” and continued to talk about random things. Zackariah was instructed to place his hands behind his back or he would be charged with resisting arrest.  Zackariah was not aggressive,  but refused to be placed in handcuffs. Deputy Brown took ahold of  Zackariah and began to place him in handcuffs when he pulled away and tried to go outside.  Other deputies were on scene to assist Deputy Brown at which time he was placed under arrest.  Zackariah admitted to using methamphetamine earlier.  Zackariah Harold Earley, age 31, 176 Danas Run Road, Newport, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with resisting arrest and domestic violence.  Earley was transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 23 Aug 2020 Deputy Aultman was dispatched to the 400 block of Danas Run Road to a report of Jason Strickler punching Mary Brooks and grabbing  her by the hair.  Strickler had thrown Brooks into his truck and left the area. Strickler was later found in his truck and was detained.  Brooks was located hiding and was found to have an active warrant for her arrest.  Brooks was arrested on the warrant and advised she had methamphetamine in her purse.  Deputy Aultman discovered 5.17 grams of suspected methamphetamine after a search of her purse, along with 4 hydrocodone/acetaminophen tablets.  Mary Alice Brooks, age 40, 765 Danas Run Road, Newport, was taken into custody and charged with possession of a schedule II-controlled substance.    Jason Lee Strickler, age 41, 765 Danas Run Road, Newport, OH, was placed under arrest for  domestic violence, and transported to the Washington County Jail.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between  Friday 21 Aug 2020 and Monday 24 Aug 2020:

Zackariah Harold Earley, age 31, 176 Danas Run Road, Newport, OH, resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, and domestic violence, a felony.

Andrew Joseph Bobier, age 38, Walnut Street, Lowell, OH,  probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Eric Joseph Barron, age 30, 781 Walnut Street, Nelsonville, OH, breaking and entering, burglary, parole violation, felonies, and theft, a misdemeanor.

Jamyllah L Roundtree, age 19, 8815 Desoto Drive, Cincinnati, OH, speeding, a misdemeanor.

Timothy Wesley Moore, age 43, 15459 State Route 555, Cutler, OH, no seatbelt, a misdemeanor.

Jelisa Sibrehna Brown, age 23, 304 Elm Street, Belpre, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Amanda Lynn Dobbins, age 39, 560 Bender Road, Marietta, OH, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Jason Lee Strickler, age 41, 765 Danas Run Road, Newport, OH,  domestic violence, a felony.

Mary Alice Brooks, age 40, 765 Danas Run Road, Newport, OH,  theft from a disabled adult and possession of drugs, both felonies.

There are currently 21 female inmates and 98 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.