On 3 Aug 2020 Deputy Peters responded to 65 Caywood Road, Marietta, regarding a stolen glider off of the front porch.  During the investigation information was obtained that Cindy K. Bosner was seen with two other people taking the glider from the porch.   Bosner stated she was at a garage sale at the residence a few weeks ago and bought the glider.  The owner denied the sale of the glider to Bosner.  A summons is being requested for  Bosner, age 59, 10 Longacre Street, Apt. B, Marietta, OH, on a charge of theft.

On 4 Aug 2020 Deputy Allender received an arrest warrant from Wood County, WV, Magistrate Court for Paula Lynne Hadley, age 57, Pearl Street, Marietta, OH, a current Washington County Jail inmate.  The information on the warrant matched that given by Hadley upon being booked into the Washington County Jail.  A charge of fugitive from justice was added to Hadley’s charges.

On 4 Aug 2020 Sgt. L Parks began an investigation into a domestic incident.  This incident was determined to be unfounded.

On 5 Aug 2020 while patrolling State Route 339, Dunham Township, Deputy Painter observed a black truck sitting in the parking lot of Allman’s Preowned Autos located at 4635 State Route 339.  The driver was observed outside the vehicle with the hood of the vehicle up checking the engine bay. Deputy Painter stopped to check on the driver, identified as Darrell Clark. While speaking with Clark, Deputy Painter noticed that he was sweating profusely and his speech was very rapid.  Clark gave consent to search the vehicle with Deputy Painter finding two glass pipes with residue, a white plastic cylindrical container with a crystal-like substance, and a straw.  Also located was a marihuana grinder.  Darrell Eugene Clark, age 35, 230 Fay Avenue, Marietta, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Clark was transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 5 Aug 2020 at approximately 2200 hrs. Deputy Brown and  multiple other deputies responded to 1650 Watertown Road, Waterford, Ohio, to a report of a male possibly going to harm himself.  Ronald Martin Jr. had an odor of alcoholic beverage about his person.  Martin stated he had around 6 beers and denied trying to harm himself.  Martin was transported for medical treatment and began yelling and cursing at the hospital staff, refusing to be treated, and basic procedures completed. Deputy Brown spoke with Martin about his demeanor with the staff.  Martin wished to meet with a male subject and not a female subject, which was not completed due to staffing.  As a result of his behavior, Ronald Lee Martin Jr., age 48, was arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to the Washington County Jail.   At the jail a PBT was administered and Martin  tested a .096 BAC.

On 6 Aug  2020 at approximately 1053 hrs. Deputy Kehl was dispatched to 295 Green Street, Newport, Ohio, regarding an argument between Frankie Sergent and Jason Strickler.  Frankie stated Jason had left and that a verbal argument ensued after she went through Jason’s cell phone. Frankie stated this was never a physical altercation.  Contact was made with Jason as well.  After the investigation it was determined that charges of disorderly conduct would be filed on Frankie D. Sergent, age 42, and Jason Strickler, age 41,  for disorderly conduct by fighting.

On 7 Aug 2020 Deputy Peters began an investigation into the theft of a package from a porch.  This case remains under investigation.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Thursday 13 Aug 2020 and Monday 17 Aug 2020:

Mark Everett Swaney, age 53, 729 Front Street, Marietta, OH, theft and obstructing official business, both misdemeanors.

Shawn Austin Horne, age 21, 64 Pike Street, Marietta, OH, driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, driving under suspension and improper lane usage, all misdemeanors.

Dustin Ray Riley, age 35, 715 Cisler Drive, Marietta, OH, parole violation, a felony.

Tyler Wayne Kiggans, age 29, 715 Duff Road, Reno, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanors.

Mariah Katelyn Odell, age 24, 4410 Jefferson Street, Parkersburg, WV, OVI and breach of recognizance, both misdemeanors.

Charles Edward Walker, age 41, 2010 Hanna Road, Marietta, OH, contempt of court.

Mary Denise Barth, age 52O 652 Curry Road, Waterford, OH, VI and right of way at stop/yield sign, both misdemeanors.

Samantha Rae James, age 29, 623 Lulu Street, Parkersburg, WV, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Justin Tyler Sprague, age 25, 488 Catherine Street, Columbus, OH,  possessing drug abuse instruments, a misdemeanor.

Jason Ryan Stewart, age 28, 809 Morgan Avenue, Belpre, OH,  possessing drug abuse instruments, a misdemeanor, and parole violation, a felony.

Jeffrey Allen Friesner, age 46, 819 McKinley Avenue, Lancaster, OH, contempt of court.

Rebecca Lou Sergent, age 30, 1195 East Branch Road, Lowell, OH, possessing drug abuse instruments, a misdemeanor.

Randall Alan Horner, II, age 33, 710 Clement Avenue, Belpre, OH, assault, a misdemeanor.

Samuel Groff Johnson, age 24, 2717 Winding Creek Lane, Mason, OH,  criminal damaging.

Carrie Ann Kimmer, age 37, 150 Lanning Drive, Salisbury, NC,  driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs and probation violation, both misdemeanors.

Tony Andrew Reed, age 62, 2460 Rainbow Road, Lowell, OH, domestic violence, a felony.

Kierston Leann Holbrooks-Mick, age 30, 150 Camelot Road, Apt. 34, Belpre, OH, probation violation, a felony.

Chase Micheal Kasler, age 22, 150A Garfield Drive, Nelsonville, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 20 female inmates and 91 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.