On 5 Aug 2020 Deputy Hockenberry, Deputy Young and Lt. McPeek responded to a 911 call at 969 Two Mile Run Road, Cutler, Decatur Township, Ohio.  The call was in reference to a male suffering from a gunshot wound.

Deputies arrived prior to the Little Hocking Squad and found a male, later identified as Taylor Austin Feick, age 21, Belpre, Ohio, deceased on the floor. 

Det. Lt.Lockhart, Det. Sgt. Smeeks and Det. McConnell arrived shortly thereafter to begin crime scene processing and conducting interviews.

Jeremy Miller, the homeowner,  called 911 and is Taylor Feick’s stepfather.  Miller gave detectives permission to process the scene and collect any and all evidence.

Miller advised that he was going through a divorce but was still very close with his stepson.  Miller advised the two of them had planned on getting together and grilling food.  Miller stated during the course of the evening they had been drinking beer and had taken “a shot(s) of  whiskey”.  Miller advised he had consumed approximately 6 beers and taken 1 shot of whiskey.  Miller further advised he had been shooting a pistol and AK47 during the evening hours before going inside.  Miller stated while they were inside they began playing quick draw with different pistols, and they both wanted to learn how to be “cowboy shooters”.  Miller went on to advise they (Miller and Feick) were standing in the kitchen/dining room facing different directions seeing who could draw the pistol the fastest.  Miller stated that all of a sudden he heard the gun go off and Feick say “I shot myself”.  Miller advised he observed a bullet hole in Feick’s neck and began CPR and Feick told him to call for help.  Miller stated he ran to the back porch to retrieve his phone and he called 911.

Through the course of the investigation and processing the crime scene, detectives were able to determine that the evidence they had retrieved did not match what Miller initially had told detectives. 

Detectives advised Miller that his version of the events did not match the evidence.  Miller was advised the evidence was showing the shooter was across the room.  Miller became emotional, stating he was “so sorry”.  When asked if he (Miller) had shot Feick, he stated he did.  Miller advised they were facing each other drawing the pistols at each other.  Miller explained that when he drew his pistol it went off and struck Feick and he fell to the ground.  Miller advised he forgot the pistol was loaded and did not mean to shoot Feick.

Jeremy  Michael Miller, age 29, 969 Two Mile Run Road, Cutler, OH, was taken into custody and placed under arrest for Reckless Homicide, a third-degree felony. 

Miller was transported to the Washington County Jail where he remained until his appearance in Marietta Municipal Court on 6 Aug 2020. 

Miller appeared in MMC and is being held on $25,000 bond.