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Warrant Charge:  Failure to Provide Change of Address (Sex Offender), 2 counts 

Last Known Address:  163 Ross Road, Little Hocking, Ohio

Age:  32; DOB:  2/2/1985
Height:  5’9″; Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair:  brown; Eyes:  hazel

TAT chest – drama mask
TAT arm, left – full sleeve
TAT neck – Marine Corp emblem/anchor
TAT neck – left side – initial E G A
TAT arm, right – full sleeve
TAT stomach – helmet, M16, dog tags, boots
TAT back – angel (across shoulders); Jesus on cross
TAT lower back – 2 angels
TAT calf – right – multiple tattoos ran together
TAT calf – left – knife w/banner
TAT ribcage left – female face
TAT ribcage right – hammer; Popeye
TAT knee- right –  skull
TAT knee – left – rose
TAT hand – left – (palm) high five
TAT arm – upper right – cross; eagle head
TAT forearm – left – (unfinished)
TAT shoulder – left – Maycie; eagle
TAT arm, upper left – clown
TAT chest – “Silent”
SC back
SC eyebrow left
SC hand- right