On 23 Jul 2020 Deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call at 101 Longacre Street, Marietta, Ohio, to a report of a two-month-old infant not breathing. The infant, Gannon Dawson, was transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital and later life flighted to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for treatment.  Detectives responded to Marietta Memorial Hospital, and met with the parents of Gannon, Michael A. Dawson and Megan Wiggins.

Detectives were advised that Michael had arrived home from work at approximately 0800 am after working thirteen (13) consecutive days at his employment.  The mother was asleep and Michael heard Gannon begin crying.  Michael stated that Gannon has been colic, and picked up Gannon and began feeding him.  Michael stated that Gannon began vomiting and not breathing well so he woke Megan and told her to call 911 and he started CPR. 

Detectives learned from MMH staff that it was “highly” concerned that Gannon’s condition was caused by abuse and noted that Michael’s account of what had occurred was not consistent with the baby’s condition.  Detectives were advised of bruising under/or around the chin.  Detectives learned that it was impossible for a baby of this age to obtain bruising to that area.  The baby became unresponsive and could not breath on his own.

Upon arriving at Nationwide Children’s Hospital tests and examinations were conducted.  A short time after being at NCH Detectives received notification

of a skull fracture, broken collar bone (healing), 7-8 broken or fractured ribs (various stages of healing) new and old hemorrhages (consistent with shaken baby). Liver damage and bruising to the bowels was also reported. 

Detectives met with Michael and Megan at NCH to interview them about the medical findings involving their son.  Michael and Megan both advised Gannon had not been  dropped recently and had not been in a car wreck, and had not been watched by anyone other than the two parents.  They also reported that Gannon had not been left alone by his younger sibling. Megan stated Gannon did not have any medical problems at birth.

During the interview, Michael advised several times that he wanted us to know he “never did anything to Gannon intentionally or just to be mean to him”.  Michael was advised that Detectives believed he knew exactly what he had done and when it happened.

Detective Lt. Lockhart asked Michael to tell him how many days ago “something” happened to Gannon so I could tell the doctors how long ago it happened.  Michael responded, “tell the doctors two or three days ago”.  Michael advised this was, “(explicit language) up because he had to deal with this (pointing towards Gannon’s room) and then have to deal with court”. Michael advised Detectives he didn’t know what else to say but wanted us to know that he never did anything intentionally to hurt his son.

On 25 Jul 2020 Gannon succumbed to his numerous injuries and was pronounced deceased at 1549 pm.

On 26 Jul 2020 Detectives located Michael  Anthony Dawson Jr., age 31, was placed under arrest and charged with murder.  Dawson was transported to the Washington County Jail.

Dawson appeared at his arraignment in Marietta Municipal Court and was given a bond of $500,000.00