On Thursday 2 Jul 2020 a lady advised our agency, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Marietta, OH, that she received a phone call from 740-376-7070. This is the Sheriff’s Office non emergency phone number. The subjects claimed to be with the Sheriff’s Office giving their names, RUBY THOMSON, badge no. 971583 and JAMES MARSHALL, badge no 2709. These two subjects ARE NOT members of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The subjects advised the female that there was a warrant for her arrest and advised her that her social security number had been compromised. They advised her that once she paid the money a US Marshall and someone from the Social Security Office would come to her residence to give her a new SS card. They advised her that multiple credit cards had been opened in her name and she needed to obtain Best Buy cards and to give the numbers to these subjects. The subjects were asking for over $1000.

Please note the WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE DOES NOT call anyone to request money of any kind. Please be aware of this scam and that the subjects are using our agency as a cover.

If you feel you have been taken advantage of by these individuals please call your local law enforcement agency.

If you receive any type of call like this one described call your local law enforcement agency to verify the information.