Special News 13 Apr 2020

On 11 Apr 2020, Sgt. Robert McKee was conducting follow up in Cutler, OH, regarding a burglary investigation he was assigned.  Information was received that a person of interest was possibly residing at 10475 State Route 555, Fairfield Township.  Sgt. McKee approached the residence at approximately 2126 hours due to a subject in the driveway standing beside a vehicle.  The male subject, later identified as Darren Dean, fled the area prior to Sgt. McKee making contact. 

Also located beside the vehicle was Heather R. Wilson-Schmoll.  In speaking with Heather, it was determined that an active warrant was on file out of Licking County, Ohio.   Heather was placed under arrest on that charge. While taking custody of Heather, a Hi Point firearm (loaded) was observed underneath the vehicle near where she was standing.  Also, in the vicinity was a package with over 32 grams of suspected methamphetamine.  Heather denied ownership of the firearm and/or suspected narcotics, refusing to provide an explanation as to why they were near her feet under the truck.  The suspected narcotics were packaged in eight separate baggies, and also inside the package was a foil containing what appeared to be black tar heroin and another foil containing white powder. 

A search warrant was obtained for the above address, which included several campers.  Deputies remained on scene for over two hours, announcing their presence multiple times in reference to the search warrant, however no one would come to the door of the residence or camper(s).  Deputies eventually made entry into the trailer where a female and male subject were found in the back bedroom. The male subject identified himself as a subject out of Zanesville, OH and provided a driver’s license.  This male was determined to be Herbert Cossin, who had given the driver’s license of another individual. 

Ronald Honesty was also found on the property in the back of a camper.  Honesty refused to answer the door when Deputies initially knocked.  Honesty was found to be in possession of 2 syringes. 

The camper where Heather and Darren Dean reside was searched, finding a loaded sawed-off shotgun.  Also located was Dean’s wallet which contained over $1000 cash and his identification card.

Heather Raye Wilson-Schmoll, age 24, 10475 State Route 555, Cutler, OH, was placed under arrest for trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs, both 5th degree felonies, having weapons while under disability and tampering with evidence, both 3rd degree felonies, and obstruction of justice, a 1st degree misdemeanor. 

Herbert Lee Cossin, age 49, 10475 State Route 550, Cutler, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with obstructing justice, a 1st degree misdemeanor.

Ronald Lee Honesty, age 48, 10475 State Route 550, Cutler, OH, was arrested and charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and obstructing justice, both misdemeanors.

Darren Michael Dean, who had fled the scene, was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation for a probation violation.  The original charge on of warrant is attempted murder of an on-duty law enforcement officer. 

A warrant is being requested for the arrest of Darren Michael Dean, age 33, 10475 State Route 555, Cutler, OH, on charges of trafficking in narcotics, possession of narcotics, possession of a dangerous ordinance, all 5th degree felonies, tampering with evidence and weapons under disability, both 3rd degree felonies, and obstructing justice a 1st degree misdemeanor.