On 24 Mar 2020 Sgt. McGilton received three complaints advising the brown/white dog belonging to Nicole Davis had been loose every day since 19 Mar 2020 and was loose on this date.  The dog had trapped an individual inside her residence prohibiting her from leaving her property.  On 30 Mar 2020 the dog had charged at another person who lives on Muskingum Drive while they were on their property.  A summons was requested for Nicole D. Davis, age 35, Dale Street, Marietta, OH, on 2 counts of failing to restrain her dangerous dog.

On 4 Apr 2020 Deputy Holbert responded to Lawrence Township to recover a bag found in the area.  After checking the bag an owner was located and arrangements will be made to return the bag to them.

On 4 Apr 2020 Deputy Peters recovered items in Muskingum Township that were found while subjects were mowing.  The items did include drug(s) and paraphernalia.

On 6 Apr 2020 Sgt. McKee responded to Waterford Township to meet with Bradley Pugh and Anthony Root.  Pugh was at the location in reference to child custody/visitation. During the investigation it was discovered that Root had left his residence and went to the neighbor’s residence to confront Pugh, which put him into contact with the homeowners, violating the stay at home order.  Root grabbed Pugh’s throat and squeezed, further pushing Pugh once he got loose from the hold Root had on him.  Root then left the residence, stating he was going to get a firearm and shoot Pugh.  Root admitted to what he had done and was placed under arrest for assault, aggravated menacing and violations prohibited.  Root was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 6 Apr 2020 and Tuesday 7 Apr 2020:

Lee Anna Charlton, age 37, 223 Maple Street, Belpre, OH, theft, a felony.

Anthony John Root, age 43, 878 Luke Chute Road, Waterford, OH, assault, aggravated menacing and violations prohibited, all misdemeanors.

There are currently 10 female inmates and 49 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.