On 6 Mar 2020 Deputy Aultman began an investigation into a financial scam.  This case remains under investigation.

On 7 Mar 2020 Tamela Milam came to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and met with Lt. Gherke.  Tamela reported a domestic incident with her husband, Edward Milam, earlier this evening at their residence in Vincent, OH.  Edward pushed Tamela against the wall and reached for a knife. Tamela stated that Edward made a threatening gesture while holding the knife.  Edward was located and denied all allegations.  Edward Joseph Milam, age 41, 2195 Layman Road, Vincent, OH, was placed under arrest charged with 2 counts of domestic violence, and transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 7 Mar 2020 Sgt. Reeder was dispatched to Lowell, OH, in reference to a domestic violence incident between Christopher Hilton and Amanda Hilton.   Amanda stated she was in an argument with Christopher while in the vehicle.  Amanda stated that Christopher grabbed her face and squeezed.   Christopher Michael Hilton, age 32, 314 Fifth Street, Lowell, OH, was arrested for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 8 Mar 2020 Deputy Hockenberry and Deputy Hall responded to 107 ½ Hanson Drive, Marietta, OH, to begin a theft investigation.  The truck belonging to James Gessel, was borrowed by a subject to help Shon Howell move some items.  The truck was parked at Gessel’s residence with the keys in it.  When Gessel returned home the truck was missing.  Text messages between Gessel and Howell were made. Howell said he would return the truck but never did.  The truck was then located on State Route 26, New Matamoras, OH, at a relative’s house, however, Howell was not located.  The truck was recovered by Deputy Kehl.  A warrant is being requested for Shon Matthew Howell, age 20, 33199 State Route 260,  New Matamoras, OH, charging him with grand theft of a motor vehicle.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Friday 6 Mar 2020 and Monday 9 Mar 2020:

William Lewis Dennis, age 44, 1920 Oak Street, Parkersburg, WV, rape and gross sexual imposition, both felonies, and 2 counts driving under OVI suspension, both misdemeanors.

Lindsey Mae Tornes, age 29, 1160 Hadley Hollow Road, Marietta, OH, failure to comply, a felony, 2 counts drug paraphernalia and breach of recognizance, all misdemeanors.

William Joseph Carter, Sr., age 35, 200 Pennock Drive, Lot 34, Beverly, OH, probation violation, a felony.

Christopher Michael Hilton, age 32, 314 Fifth Street, Lowell, OH, domestic violence, a felony.

Deon Michael Ratliff, age 25, 45 E. 4th Street, Apt. 55, The Plains, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Edward Joseph Milam, age 41, 2195 Layman Road, Vincent, OH, 2 counts domestic violence, both misdemeanors.

Nicole Dena Davis, age 35, 204 Dale Street, Marietta, OH, loose dog, a misdemeanor.

Matthew Edward Lang, age 39, 204 Dale Street, Marietta, OH, trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs, both felonies, and drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Aaron J Matthew Huseman, age 32, 145 Walnut Drive, Whipple, OH, violating a protection order, a felony, and probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Maranda Marie Markwood, age 42, 713 Greene Street, Apt. C, Marietta, OH, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Austin Wayne Bloomfield, age 24, 131 Cullman Road, Columbus, OH, driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs >.10% in blood, failure to reinstate operator’s license, failure to display valid registration and no seat belt, all misdemeanors.

Ricky Lynn Howell, age 60, 630 Oak Street, Lot 165, Mansfield, OH, OVI alcohol drug of abuse or both, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 16 female inmates and 89 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.