On 29 Jan 2020 Deputy Schwendeman and Deputy Peters responded to a report of a runaway juvenile.   After approximately an hour of searching for the child, he/she was located.  Once contact was made with the juvenile he/she then ran again from law enforcement.  A charge of an unruly child, failure to comply and escape are being filed through Juvenile Court. 

On 31 Jan 2020 Sgt. Parks met with Patrick Garrett, 10015 County Road 9, Reno, OH, in reference to a theft at that location.  This case remains under investigation.

On 31 Jan 2020 Deputy Brown responded to 22180 State Route 60, Waterford Township to meet with Adkins Timber Company personnel.  It was reported that vehicles had been tampered with at that location.  This case remains under investigation.

On 1 Feb 2020 Lt. Hornbeck responded to Scotts Ridge Road, Whipple, OH, to a report of medical attention needed for a subject due to an overdose.  While on scene conducting the investigation, contact was made with Jason Lee Myers. Myers was a passenger in the vehicle the overdose subject arrived in at the location.  The vehicle was searched and multiple drug paraphernalia items were located in a duffle bag belonging to Jason Lee Myers. Myers was asked if he had any drugs on him and he advised he did.  Myers admitted the two syringes located in his pants pocket were used for injecting methamphetamine.  Myers, age, lka: 105 Gilman Avenue, Marietta, OH, was transported to the Washington County Jail on a charge of possession of drug abuse instruments.

On 2 Feb 2020 Deputy Brown responded to 1072 Leith Run Road, New Matamoras, OH, to a trespassing complaint.  Jestin Davis located tracks and markings on his property.  The subject on the property was found to be Myron Schwaben, who has been told to stay off the property in the past.  Deputy Brown responded to Schwaben’s address, observing items matching the description of equipment identified earlier as being used by Schwaben.   A summons is being requested for Schwaben, age 42, 1255 Leith Run Road, New Matamoras, OH, on a charge of criminal trespassing.

On 2 Feb 2020 at approximately 1658 hours Deputy Young was dispatched to 1595 Mount Tom Road, Marietta, to a report of subjects being asked to leave a residence, who had been staying there for a few days.  The homeowner had learned that there was an active warrant for the arrest of Raymond Goodwin, and they wanted him and Lakyn Hunter to leave.  The homeowner returned home this date and found Hunter and Goodwin, along with her laptop, television, cash and PlayStation 4 gone.  Deputy Young attempted to make contact with Hunter at a different location.  Hunter advised she had not had contact with Goodwin in several weeks, and he was not staying at the Mount Tom Road residence with her.  Hunter continued to mislead Deputy Young and eventually advised that the items were taken by Goodwin.  Lakyn Nikole Hunter, age 19, 102 Longacre Street, Apt. B, Marietta, OH, was placed under arrest on a charge of obstructing official business and transported to the Washington County Jail.   Deputy Young learned that Raymond Goodwin and his brother, Tyler Goodwin, stole the property, and where it was located.  After attempting contact with the residents at Knox Street, it was determined that a warrant would be requested for Tyler Edward Goodwin, age 22, 108 Knox Street, Marietta, OH, and Raymond Floyd Goodwin, age 26, lka: 26935 State Route 7, Apt. 2B, Marietta, OH, for receiving stolen property. After obtaining a search warrant for the residence, Deputies located the stolen property.  A warrant for the Goodwins was requested, received and processed at the Sheriff’s Office.

On 2 Feb 2020, while patrolling SR 550, Deputy Painter observed a vehicle driving east on SR 550 with a vehicle defect.  A traffic stop was conducted and Deputy Painter met with the driver of the vehicle, a juvenile, and occupant.  While speaking with the occupants, the odor of raw marijuana was detected. Tyler Prunty, an occupant, advised that he had just smoked marijuana earlier and that he had some remaining on his person.  A citation for possession of marijuana was issued to Tyler Vex Prunty, age 19, 3655 State Route 676, Stockport, OH. 

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 3 Feb 2020 and Tuesday 4 Feb 2020:

Nathaniel Blayn Becker, age 40, 312 Lawton Road, Marietta, OH, failure to comply and aggravated menacing, both felonies, and inducing panic, a misdemeanor.

Brittany Leigh Anne McIntyre, age 26, 223 Broughton Avenue, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a felony

Nathan Scott Tewkesbury, age 35, 521 Barclay Street, Apt. 15, Belpre, OH, criminal trespass, assault and contempt of court, all misdemeanors.

Jesse Ryan Shafer, age 34, 226 Broughton Avenue, Marietta, OH, receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor.

Scott Coleman Roger, age 27, Columbus, OH, possession of drugs, a felony.

David Wayne Zitcovich, age 71, 660 Glenrock, Bethel Park, PA, a fugitive from justice, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 20 female inmates and 90 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.